Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Publisher's New Releases, Re-Issues, & Revivals

Moonlight Mesa Associates Western Book Publisher, Becky Coffield, is in the process of loading up for the upcoming Mule Days Celebration in Bishop, CA. "This is a huge, long event. And it's a long ways away, so I can't just run home and get things I may have overlooked," Coffield said. "Today we took inventory and loaded extra cases of books, just to be on the safe side. I try to do a little bit each day so I'm not exhausted when I pull out of the driveway."


With only one full case of Life Was A Cabaret remaining in print, Coffield has decided to re-issue the award-winning, humorous, travel/adventure memoir. This time around the publisher will change from digital printing to POD and will go with Lightning Source. The book is being completely reformatted and layed out. "I never ever liked the original book. The print was too tiny and the pages were just crammed looking. But, I had thousands of copies to sell, so I had little choice but to go with what I had," the publisher said. "This time around, I'm going to do the book in a 12 font and I'll include some photos. We'll make corrections as they see them, but basically the book will be pretty much left as is. I don't expect it to be a huge seller, but it has sold well over the years and I think if Ingram is the distributor it may do well again."

As for the publisher's first cookbook, You Can Conquer TMJ: Ideas and Recipes, well, it's being revived also. Not reprinted and re-issued, but revived. "I have 800 copies remaining of this book, and I've not been including it in any of our events. We're lowering the price to $5.00 just to get rid of the dang thing. I'm OUT of the cookbook publishing business! I have cases of these books, and I want them GONE."

On the brighter side of publishing, the first one-third of Canyon of Death is corrected and formatted. The publisher is awaiting the remainder of the manuscript from the editor. "We're ready to go on this. We have an ad coming out and we need that book in print," said Coffield. "I also have a list of people who want a copy of that book, and I'm scared to death I'm going to misplace that list if I wait too long!"

Canyon of Death will NOT be available for Mule Days, but it will most likely be available by late June or early July.

Paula L. Silici's Western Romance, A Way in the Wilderness, will be "officially official" at this year's Mule Days show in Bishop. The book was actually released May 1 in Parker, Colorado, where most of the story takes place. This will be the first Moonlight Mesa event where the book available for sale.

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