Sunday, April 10, 2011

Western Events Need Re-Thinking


Good grief. The last three out of four Western Events that Moonlight Mesa publisher Becky Coffield has attended have been DUDS. The question is, why don't these wanna-be cowboys who actively participate in these events,support the very events that are designed to raise interest in their activities, lifestyles, etc.

The fact is, by and large the "cowboys" do not support the very events or vendors that are designed to bring attention to them.

Out of the last three rodeos where Moonlight Mesa has had a vendor booth, only four rodeo participants came to the booth to buy a Casey Tibbs book, and that was at the Wickenburg Senior ProRodeo. FOUR. At Tucson's Fiesta de los Vaqueros Rodeo, not one "cowboy" purchased a Western book of any type. Nor did they frequent any of the other vendor booths for that matter, so it's just not books they have an aversion too.

At the Ranch Rodeo in Wickenburg, not one roper or rodeo participant purchased a book. Granted, people attending the event purchased books, but not one participant.

But it doesn't stop there. Even at the Tombstone event that Moonlight Mesa attended last spring, ONLY ONE re-enactor purchased a book, and that was for his son. Not one of the fancifully dressed, pretend gun-toting, wanna-be Western characters that swarm up and down the streets of the town even looked at Western books. Fortunately, visitors to the event bought plenty of titles.

No need to mention WestFlop since that was discussed in gory detail last week. Mesa's Old West Days proved equally frustrating when the publisher last attended (something Stoney Bowers will never let us forget). At least Moonlight Mesa sold SOME books there to the few tourists around; most vendors sold absolutely nothing.

So, what gives with these guys? Or do we even want to know? Or, do we even care anymore since Moonlight Mesa WILL NOT be participating in future Western events...unless there's a standout crowd of non-Western participants who know how to read.

Moving on...


The Save the Vulture Mine Committee has chosen to sell Award-Winning Tales and Saving Tom Black on their website and at their events to raise funds to help preseve and restore the rapidly decaying, historic Vulture Mine.

Moonlight Mesa is honored to be able to assist in this small way to help the committee save the fantastic old mine site. "This mind is HISTORY. It just must be restored," said Coffield. "We were lucky to tour the mine before it fell into such disarray. It's now terribly sad, and many of the original buildings are unsafe for people to walk through."

Anyone wishing to use Award-Winning Tales for a fund-raiser, should contact the publisher directly.


The last suspense novel that Moonlight Mesa intends on publishing is currently at the printer, and the publisher is awaiting the proof copy. Northern Conspiracy, the missing, middle book in the Ben Thomas trilogy, will be available in mid-Aprilish.

"We will not, most likely, be doing any more suspense novels. Unfortunately, fiction writers are a dime a dozen, and suspense writers are a nickle a dozen. It's very difficult to break into the mainstream with unknown writers. The books are tough to sell unless we're personally out there selling them. The Westerns are MUCH easier to sell. Now, if someone wants to write a WESTERN SUSPENSE, we'd surely consider that," said publisher Becky Coffield.


After months of procrastinating, author Jere D. James has RESUMED work on the long anticipated Canyon of Death, the third book in the Jake Silver series. "We are already getting calls for this book," said Coffield. "I'm telling people it'll be ready by September...I hope it is. We have an ad coming out in the June issue of True West advertising the Jake Silver trilogy...we need to move on this as quickly as possible. I'm hoping Jere has the book finished by late May so we can send it to the editor in June. Then I'd like to have corrections made and it uploaded in late June, early July. We all need to focus on this project for the next few months. This could get stressful, I fear."


Only four months behind schedule, Moonlight Mesa now has its author page on its website up and running. Here's a chance for readers to meet the authors and read about them. Links are provided to connect readers to each author's website. See the face behind the book! Go to and click on MEET THE AUTHORS.

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