Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Molly Mule Mascot for Moonlight Mesa


Publisher Becky Coffield just purchased her first mule, a lovely little lady named Bouquet (aka Bucket). Although Coffield has owned horses, this is her first venture into the mule kingdom.

"I have to admit, I'm a bit concerned. I read about how mules are very unforgiving and don't forget...ever, and I'm worried lest I do something to upset her. But in the four days I've had her she has become much more friendly towards me, so that's a good sign. We had a minor mishap when I went to halter her for the first time, but it ended well," Coffield said. "I need to stop treating her like she's made of glass, and get on to the business of enjoying her. I have read though that mules are extraordinarily smart...I just hope she's not smarter than I am!"

The publisher hopes to make Bouquet a mascot for the publishing firm, if her accountant doesn't have a fit over that. Meanwhile, and towards that end, the publisher is running a slogan contest for people to come up with a slogan that connects the mule to books. Winner of the contest will receive a FREE Moonlight Mesa publication of their choice. The contest is open for the month of April.


Despite saying Moonlight Mesa would never participate in another rodeo, the publisher has agreed to do a local ranch rodeo the weekend of April 9th and 10th in Wickenburg. "I told them I'd only do it if we could set up on the cement patio, and they actually agreed to that," Coffield said. "I think this will be a great event for certainly will be better than WestFlop, and cost a fraction as much."

Wickenburg has consistently been a strong market for the publisher.


Sales of Casey Tibbs - Born to Ride have been extremely good according to the publisher. "Part of the reason for this is we've been picking up reviews, a lot of unexpected, glowing reviews," said Coffield. "The Tibbs book (paperback edition)has been number one on Amazon since it came out. We find it extremely odd, however, that two contests we've entered the book in have failed to even place the title as a finalist, yet it's been in the top 5 on Amazon for months now. Go figure."

As a fact, Ingram, the distributor for the trade paperback edition of the Tibbs book, sent out over 100 copies of the title in March, and the book's ebook sales surpassed Moonlight Mesa's long-standing best selling ebook, Life Was A Cabaret, which has been number one since the company got into the ebook market.

"We just had a review by Western Horseman which brought great results, and we had a review in the Rapid City newspaper and in another periodical. We're expecting to be reviewed in June by Cowboys and Indians," Coffield said. "That should give us another surge in sales. Casey deserves this, and so does the author, Rusty Richards. People truly enjoy this book so much. I have several customers who are ordering multiple copies, even."


Five years after R.L. Coffield wrote Northern Conspiracy, the book will at long last come into print in April. This is the missing, middle book in the Ben Thomas Trilogy. Originally, the book was titled Murder in Thomas Bay, but the author (and publisher) felt the title might be confusing since the detective's name is Thomas also.

"This will be the LAST suspense novel we publish," said the publisher. "The Westerns and the Western nonfiction just sell circles around the mystery/suspense. I wouldn't have done this one even, but we've had so many people ask for it because they read the award-winning first book Northern Escape, and then Death in the Desert, the third book, and they wonder where the heck the second book is."

Northern Conspiracy makes three books published by Moonlight Mesa so far in 2011. The publisher plans on one more title for 2011, Canyon of Death by Jere D. James, and then will proceed with two titles, and ONLY two titles, in 2012.

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