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Talk about disappointing! Palm Springs' much touted WestFest was the biggest WestFlop imaginable. Unfortunately, it appears as though the show's promoter spent thousands of dollars advertising in big name Western magazines, and not enough money advertising in Palm Springs.

"I had such high hopes for this event," said Moonlight Mesa Associates Western Book publisher Becky Coffield. "It was so bad, that we called Rusty Richards and Jere James and advised them not to come on Saturday and Sunday to sign their books. We called J.R. Sanders also, but since he lives only 40 minutes away, he decided to come over and check it out. He left early. Fortunately, Paula L. Silici did not come all the way from Denver. It turns out the news release announcing the release of her new book, A Way in the Wilderness, did not get sent out as promised."

Many other vendors apparently felt the same way that Coffield did, as some were packing up and leaving the event early Saturday, definitely a breach of protocol. Coffield packed up Saturday night. "I couldn't take it anymore. It was hideously depressing. We've never had such a bad show in the all the years we've been doing shows. It's unfortunate also, because there was some beautiful Western art at the show, but no one came to see it!"

"Never again! That's all I'll say about the matter," Coffield said. "I should have known better from the beginning. There were so many miscues, misinformation, and just bad policies by the promoter, that I should have cancelled early on."


Despite the pathetic WestFlop ordeal, sales have been good for Moonlight Mesa this month. Overall, Kindle and Nook sales have been strong, and Ingram has sent out quite a few books also. "Most of the books sent out by Ingram were Casey Tibbs paperback books. That book has consistently been a strong seller, but it seemed to get an extra boost this month, probably from the book review in Western Horseman."


Rusty Richards and his wife Amy are selling machines and have been promoting and selling the Casey Tibbs book wherever they roam.

J.R. Sanders will be finishing up his nonfiction book, Some Gave All, probably in late April or May. He'll be attending Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival and will be signing his young reader book, The Littlest Wrangler.

Paula L. Silici is whittling away on her stack of books, A Way in the Wilderness. The book does not "officially" come out until May, but copies are selling on Kindle and Ingram has been sending some out. Silici is firming her calendar up now.

Jere D. James will be resuming work on Canyon of Death. He'll also be signing books at Mule Days in Bishop, CA. in May.

R.L. Coffield, at long last, is finishing the final proofread of Northern Conspiracy, the missing, middle book in the Ben Thomas trilogy. FINALLY.

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