Friday, March 18, 2011


Okay...back to business as normal. I did my venting last week, now I can focus on the road ahead!

Moonlight Mesa will be participating in the WestFest held in Palm Springs March 24 to 27. Well, we'll be participating unless there's a big plume of radioactive fallout floating over California, in which case I'm staying home and drinking margaritas!!

We'll be selling Paula L. Silici's Western romance, A Way in the Wilderness, for the very first time. This book is so yummy! It has a hefty price (19.95) but it's a full-bodied, sexy 337 pages of richly engrossing action, suspense, and ROMANCE. It's nothing short of fabulous, really!


Rusty Richards is the workingest guy around. He's at the Festival of the West from March 17 to 20, singing and signing, both. He just came from a huge event in San Simeon. Next weekend (WestFest weekend) he's in a parade and will try to make it to WestFest on Sunday. I think he needs a day off, though!

Jere D. James is in the process of moving into my office once again to commandeer one of our computers to finish Canyon of Death. That's good. He can feed the animals when we're gone! He'll be a WestFest signing books on Friday.

J.R. Sanders will be at WestFest on Saturday, March 26th, and maybe Sunday, signing books.

Paula L. Silici will also be at WestFest, travel and weather permitting.

And that's everyone at this time! Me? I'll be at WestFest selling and signing, too!


Hurray!! The Cowboy Hall of Fame in Colorado Springs is now, at long last, carrying Casey Tibbs - Born to Ride. Casey's statue stands outside the museum. Now the book is inside the museum!!


It's mostly official, but Moonlight Mesa will, at long last, be releasing the long-awaited, missing, middle Ben Thomas Detective novel, Northern Conspiracy, April 19. Northern Conspiracy is the book that follows the wildly popular, award-winning Northern Escape. The middle book was overlooked and the third book in the series was actually published second because of the intense border issues along the Mexican/American border. Death in the Desert, the third novel, has been a very popular selling book in Arizona. Now, all three will be available in print and on Kindle and Nook.

This will undoubtedly be the last suspense novel published by Moonlight Mesa. The company has turned to Western publications, and has found those books much easier to market.


It's official. Moonlight Mesa will be adopting a mule as the company's mascot. In this case, the mule is a molly mule named Bouquet...or Bucket. Take your pick. We're in the process of developing a motto. For now it's simply: WE'RE MULISH. BUY A BOOK.

Or, how about: WE'RE MULISH ABOUT OUR BOOKS. Or...well, you decide. Send me a motto and win a FREE book of your choice if your motto is chosen as the winning entry!!

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