Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sudden Surge in Sales

No one at Moonlight Mesa is exactly sure what is causing it, but in recent months the company has seen a surge in book sales...all books. "Maybe it was just the holiday season," said publisher Becky Coffield. "People get gift cards for their Kindles and Nooks and Amazon. But I'm hoping that word is getting out that Moonlight Mesa has quality Western books, and not the tired same-old, same-old. We have bright new voices, excellently edited manuscripts, ambitious authors, and outstanding cover designs. It's beginning to pay off, I hope."

Ebook sales in February were the company's best ever. "Of course, we added Casey Tibbs- Bornn to Ride, Award-Winning Tales, and A Way in the Wilderness. That's three solid titles," Coffield said. "But Apache has sold like pancakes. And, of course, Life Was A Cabaret, our sailing book, always has great sales in the spring. People are preparing to go boating, or are buying a boat."


Moonlight Mesa recently signed a three ad agreement with True West Magazine. Ads will run in June, August, and Nov./Dec. issue. The first ad will feature Award-Winning Tales.

"In January we talked about cutting back on some of our book events and putting the money we'd spend on those into advertising. True West was the only magazine we advertised the Casey Tibbs book in that really paid off. The others were a waste of time and money for us. We hope we get the same response from our new ads that we got from the one Tibbs ad," the publisher said. "The new ad is really cool, if I do say so myself."

The publisher also advertises on Coffield feels those ads are most beneficial during the holiday season, but she has elected to run ads year-round this year and has posted ads so far for Award-Winning Tales and A Way in the Wilderness. is also a good source for advertising. Two writers in particular have more or less "adopted" Moonlight Mesa and post reviews of the publisher's books. Anyone on the web can download the articles for free and repost them on their own sites as long as credit is give to the authors of the articles.


Only two "big" events are planned for this spring. The publisher will travel to Palm Springs March 23 - 27 for the 2nd Annual WestFest Celebration. In May, Coffield will go to Bishop, CA. for the Mule Days Celebration.

"I'm very excited about both of these events. I think we'll do well," the publisher said.

Two smaller, local events the publisher may participate in are Grand Desert Days April 9th in Morristown, and Yarnell Days May 8, in Yarnell. "The only issues I have with these two events is that they are only one day, and it takes two hours for us to get set up nowadays. Plus, the events are on dirt. We're putting a screeching halt to dirt venues this year," Coffield said. "We sell a lot of books at these small venues, and the entry fees are cheap, so we actually MAKE some money, but I just don't know...I guess I'll wait and see what the weather's going to do."

No summer or fall events have been scheduled yet. According to inside sources, Moonlight Mesa, uncategorically, we WILL NOT be doing more rodeos.


Author Rusty Richards (Casey Tibbs - Born to Ride) will be signing books at this year's Festival of the West in March in Scottsdale, AZ.

J.R. Sanders (The Littlest Wrangler) will be signing his book at the WestFest in Palm Springs.

Jere D. James (Saving Tom Black and Apache) will be signing books at the WestFest in Palm Springs.

R.L. Coffield (Northern Escape, Death in the Desert, Life Was a Cabaret, etc) will be signing at the WestFest in Palm Springs.

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