Sunday, February 6, 2011

Western Romance on the Horizon


Western book publisher, Becky Coffield, recently finalized the company's first Western romance for printing, A Way in the Wilderness, by Paula L. Silici (SEE PHOTO). "This is our first romance, and will probably be our only one," said Coffield. "The book is terrific and has already received some dynamite reviews."

Shirley Johnson of MidWest Book Review said, "Secrets are revealed, and situations become life threatening as the past meets the present for more than one character in this wonderful read. Indians, slave traders, cowhands, townspeople, friends and foes, all merge together to bring to a pinnacle the exciting conclusion. This is a wonderful romantic read laced with adventure, mystery, and western flair—one that truly shows the strength of love, the sacrifices love will make, and the beauty it becomes. Recommended." Well, she said a lot more than that, but there you have it in a nutshell.

Early reviews for the book have also come in from Sandy Whelchel of the National Writers Association, and Karen Majoris-Garrison, Award-winning author and speaker; president, Tri-State Writers Society, who wrote, "Written with descriptions so vivid readers can taste the windblown Old West Colorado dust in their mouths, and told with the blue lightnin’ pace of courage and depth—A Way in the Wilderness is sure to leave its mark of an unforgettable love story branded on readers’ hearts forever," and none other than Cassie Miles, USA TODAY Best-seller List.

"We're hoping to offer pre-publication copies at the WestFest in March in Palm Springs. Whether that will be the official 'release' has not been finally decided. We could wait for Mule Days, even Cheyenne Frontier Days. We have to think about that one," Coffield said. "I'd like for the author to be present at the release. Right now, though, I don't know if we'll be attending the Cheyenne Frontier Days or not."


Despite saying she wouldn't do so, Coffield has finally allowed the hardbound book of Casey Tibbs - Born to Ride, to be sold on amazon. "There are several reasons why I decided to do this," commented Coffield. "First of all, as most publishers/readers know, we have one year to really reap the benefits of sales from this book. Already four months are gone. The author and his wife have done a brilliant job of selling the hardbound and will continue to do so wherever they appear. Amazon's sales will not hurt their sales, I'm quite certain. People will want a book signed by the author, from the author, when they see him. I look at this as another revenue stream for the book."

As for the ebook, "We uploaded the paperback to ebook format for Nook and Kindle. We all agreed this would not hurt the sales of the hardbound and, in fact, might even stimulate sales. The ebook does not have any photos. I think true rodeo fans who read the ebook will want a paperback or hardbound edition for their personal collection, and for the photos. All in all, I think it was a good move. In all fairness, I will also offer a distributorship of the hardbound since he is distributing the book to several museums and bookstores in Texas."


It's final. The third book in the Jake Silver Adventure Trilogy will be in print by September. Guaranteed. "This will be our fourth book for the year. We'll spend the summer formatting and doing layout, also having it edited. It should easily be in print in September. We've been getting calls asking when it will be out. Now we can say with a certainty: SEPTEMBER."

Both the trade paperback and ebook versions of Saving Tom Black and Apache have been selling well. "Considering we've done absolutely no advertising on these two titles, they've done terrifically well. If we spent money on all the titles the way we've spent it on Casey Tibbs, they'd be best sellers also. I need to pay more attention to this. It's becoming a sore point with a few of the authors," Coffield said.


Award-Winning Tales, Moonlight Mesa's incredible Western anthology, will officially be released this week at Wickenburg's Gold Rush Days. "I cannot begin to express how incredibly pleased we are with this anthology. I hope the authors whose stories are included feel the same way. And, so far, everyone who's contacted me has been very, very happy with the publication. The stories are so unique, original, and different. Everyone's style just shines and because of the different writing styles, the book doesn't get stale they way a book can when one writer does all the writing."

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