Monday, January 3, 2011

Off and Running in 2011

Moonlight Mesa Associates is ready to upload two new 2011 titles this next week...if all goes as planned.

First to head into print will be Award-Winning Tales, an incredibly excellent short story anthology comprised of award-winning Western stories. The first review by Shirley Johnson, Senior Reviewer for MidWest Book Review, was outstanding. The publisher is looking forward to receiving a review from Western Fiction Review also.

"We are extremely excited about this anthology," said the publisher. "Some of the stories just knocked my socks off when I read them! In fact, they're all just extremely good. Usually in an anthology, some stories are good and the rest are fair. Not with this one. Every story is outstanding. They're all very different. Some are "olden-days" stories; some are "modern-day" Western tales. There's romances, murders, even a mystery. It's great! To be honest, I've never been much of a short story reader, but I LOVED these."

Coffield plans to upload the book to the printer by January 7th. Everything is finished, and once the LCCN arrives it'll be time to send the file off.


Moonlight Mesa's first Western Romance, A Way in the Wilderness, is going to be a smash hit also, according to the publisher. "I'll be honest, I couldn't quit reading the darn thing! It just teases and tantalizes the reader all the way through. It's great," said Coffield. Written by Paula Silici, Moonlight Mesa's editor-in-chief, the book is set in Colorado in the 1800s. "It's historically very accurate, romantic, exciting,'s got it all. Not as sexy as Matt Braun can get, but definitely more romance and sex than Louis L'Amour!"

Coffield hopes to have A Way in the Wilderness uploaded by January 14th at the latest, assuming there are no snafus. "I'd love to have it by the Wickenburg Rodeo event, but we may not make it. It'll be touch and go."

Coffield went on to say that the first review that came in on the book was excellent. "I'm sure we'll get more. It's a great book!"


Third book on the 2011 calendar is the publisher's own title, Northern Conspiracy. "We started out with that title, then changed it to Murder in Thomas Bay, but now have changed back," said Coffield. "Anyway, it's the missing middle book in the Ben Thomas trilogy. Many people are upset that it wasn't published in order, but I felt Death in the Desert was critical to publish next because of the border/immigration issues. Northern Conspiracy has lots of sex and violence. R-rated for sure. I think that's another reason I've hesitated to put it out there. I'm kind of embarrassed."

The book is now en route to the editors after having lived on the computer for 5 years. "I'm lucky I didn't delete it or lose it or something," said Coffield.

"I think I was forced to get this into print because my cover designer did the cover for it whether I was ready or not!" Coffield said. The publisher hopes to have the book in print by March...


Jere James is still alive and well and says he's going to get busy on Canyon of Death any day now. That sounds familiar! He says he's going to show up at Moonlight Mesa and camp until it's finished. Saving Tom Black, James' first title, was Moonlight Mesa's best selling fiction book in 2010, followed by Apache.

Rusty Richards is heading to the Elko Poetry Event next week in Elko, Nevada, where he will be selling his best-selling nonfiction Casey Tibbs - Born to Ride. Rusty's book was "officially" released at the NFR in Las Vegas this year, and it sold extremely well!

Paula Silici is giving A Way in the Wilderness one last look-through before the book goes to print.

J.R. Sanders is working on Some Gave All, getting the okays/permissions for all the artwork and photos used in the book.

No word from Stoney Bowers, although he's assured the publisher that he has a big year planned for sales in 2011.


The publisher will be uploading two new books to Kindle: Award-Winning Tales and A Way in the Wilderness will both be on Kindle by mid-month. "I think these two titles will have strong Kindle sales," Coffield said.

"Eventually we'll get the Tibbs book onto Kindle also," she said. "I'm going to wait for at least six more months, however. I think the author will be more comfortable with that. We can wait for a year, if need be. Kindle readers usually just wait for the book to come out in Kindle. I don't think it would hurt the hardbound or paperback sales in the least to have it available for ebook readers, but we'll wait."

Saving Tom Black and Life Was A Cabaret were the best selling books on Kindle for Moonlight Mesa in 2010.


Due to an overwhelming school schedule needed in order to graduate in June, Renee Witty has resigned from Moonlight Mesa Associates. Her position will not be least for now. "I'll have no one to blame for all the problems now," said Coffield. "Bummer!"

Happy New Year to all!

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