Monday, January 31, 2011

Ebooks, Pterygiums, and Global Warming


Well, here we go. I get one week off and my blogger disappears and Egypt is in revolt. What is the world coming to?

It gets stranger - surprising even myself, Moonlight Mesa (Western book publisher) now has titles available on Nook. Regular readers here may remember when, a year ago, we made a big to-do about getting books loaded onto Kindle. I felt pretty smart that I'd been able to manage all that. Hopefully those early books look okay. Imagine how surprised I was a week and a half ago when I filled out forms to publish our titles on Nook. And imagine how even more surprised I was to find we'd sold 8 books on Nook by the time I returned from California and the eye surgery. Now, 8 books won't make us millionaires, but golly, that's 8 books that sold that I didn't have to bust my butt to go out and sell. 8 people are enjoying the writings of Jere D. James mostly, since of those 8 titles sold, 6 are Apache, the second book in the Jake Silver Adventures.

I'm astounded, really, and beginning to question why we need paper books, except for dinosaurs like me who insist on dog-earing pages and underlining juicy passages. Guess you can do underlining on Kindle too. Probably Nook also for that matter.

Already Award-Winning Tales is selling on Kindle and Nook, and we haven't formally released the book yet (that'll happen during Wickenburg's Gold Rush Celebration February 11 - 13).

We'll also be uploading A Way in the Wilderness by Paula L. Silici to ebook format within a day or two after we upload the pdf file to our printing house. And, coming this spring readers will find Casey Tibbs - Born to Ride which has had a hell of a run on Amazon (the paperback version).

I may have to buy one of those gizmos one of these days.


The eye surgery I recently had went well, and now I have my green iris back without the whiteish blob half across it. The surgery was easy. The first night was a bit brutal because I waited too long to take a pain pill. I'd read that some people experience no pain, and some do experience some discomfort. Well, when I read that some experience no pain, I stopped there and naturally assumed I'd be a person who experienced NO PAIN. Bummer. For a while there it sucked to be me.

If you need a pterygium removed, for certain check out Harvard Eye Associates. They're doing a new, experimental surgery that requires NO STITCHES and so far has a 0% grow back rate (compare that to a 50%+ growback rate for the traditional surgery).


Award-Winning Tales, our fabulous short story anthology, will be officially released at the Gold Rush Days Celebration in Wickenburg, AZ. You'll find us at the rodeo grounds. I already said this. Hopefully the arctic blast of weather will be finished by then!


Speaking of arctic blasts...I read that one Chinese scientist claims we are actually at the beginning of a NEW ice age, NOT global warming.

Did anybody here besides me read The Coming Super Storm by Art Bell and Whitney Streiber? (I think it was Whitney.) Now the movie sort of, kind of based on the book was not really based on the book, but the book was mind-boggling and actually very well researched. Scary too. I asked a few scientists I hung out with back then about it, and they concurred with a lot of the things stated in the book. (I bet you didn't know I was so brainy.)

I better stop here.

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  1. I'm really close to buying a Nook color and if the thing had the ability to edit Word documents rather than just read them, I'd probably already have one. But I guess I'm also an old dinosaur because I don't want to give up the feel of holding a book and turning actual paper pages, and most of all the smell of a book. The Nook color not only lets you highlight pages, but you can immediately share those passages you liked with your Facebook friends!