Monday, January 17, 2011

1 DOWN - 4 TO GO

The proof copy of the first title of 2011 has been approved for print. Award-Winning Tales has been approved, and the first order has been placed. "There have been some snafus with the Kindle edition of the book, but I think we've got those problems solved...I hope," said publisher Becky Coffield. "The biggest issue was that I was listed as the editor AND the author. That was a gigantic mistake. We've since added ten of the authors to the author category. Unfortunately, we could only add 10 names and not all 23." The book contains 26 award-winning Western short stories.

The publisher expects delivery of the title in early February...plenty of time for the company's first event of the year, which will be the Wickenburg Gold Rush Days where Moonlight Mesa will have a booth at the rodeo grounds this year. Every contributing author will receive two free copies of the book. :)


Despite the publisher's best efforts to upload the company's second title for the year, A Way in the Wilderness, the book, a Western romance by Paula Silici, has been temporarily put on hold until two more expected reviews come in. "We've had a lot of problems with the layout and formatting of this book as it is," said Coffield. "I've had to re-do it twice, no less. So, it's probably best it have this thorough proofreading just to make sure it's all there and reads how it's supposed to read."

Because of the delay, however, the book will not be available for the Wickenburg event, but will most likely be available for the Fiesta de los Vaqueros held in Tucson, Arizona, later in February. "I'm extremely disappointed in the delay, but you CAN'T RUSH A BOOK! Been there, done that!"


Moonlight Mesa's third title for the year, Northern Conspiracy, is now with the company's editor-in-chief. Once the book is edited, it'll be in print very quickly. The cover is almost finished as it is. "My fab. cover designer, Vin Libassi, is really the one who's responsible for getting this book off our hard drive and into print," said Coffield. "He came up with a cover design before I'd committed to the project for 2011. I think he got tired of hearing me say that I had to get that darn book into print, and kind of forced my hand!"

This title is the middle book (the missing one) in the Ben Thomas Trilogy. At long last!


After a month break, Moonlight Mesa's newsletter is up and going again, with the January issue out last week. Anyone who'd like to subscribe to this monthly newsletter need only send us an email requesting it. IT'S FREE and full of good advice, malarkey and baloney.


Due to the publisher having a minor eye surgery to remove a pterygium, the company will be closed from October 24 to the end of the month. Business will resume in full force on February 1.


As mentioned above, the company will participate in two events in February. Gold Rush Days in Wickenburg, Arizon, runs from the 11 to the 13th. The Tucson Rodeo, also known as the Fiesta de los Vaqueros runs from the 19 to the 26th. Anyone who shows up and says they read about this in the blog will get a 10% discount on a book of their choice.


Don't forget! The annual Moonlight Mesa Associates Cowboy Up Short Story Contest opens March 1. Submission guidelines are posted on the publisher's website:

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