Sunday, December 12, 2010

Back to the Business of PUBLISHING

It's been a crazy year. Though Moonlight Mesa Associates has had record sales in 2010, the fact remains the company put out only 3 books this past year: Jere James' Apache, John Sanders' The Littlest Wrangler, and Rusty Richards Casey Tibbs - Born to Ride. Two titles were postponed, however, due to the Tibbs project.

Leading sales at this time is Casey Tibbs - Born to Ride. A close second is Jere James with Saving Tom Black and Apache.

STILL leading Kindle sales is Life Was A Cabaret - A Tale of Two Fools, A Boat and a Big-A** Ocean, the publisher's own sailing adventure/memoir.

The only award-winning book in 2010 was The Littlest Wrangler, and the publisher fully expects this title to pick up another award or two before the next year is out. Future copies of the book will be sold with an educational packet included in the price. The packets are only available if the order is placed with Moonlight Mesa Associates, however.

Coffield said she fully expects the Casey Tibbs book to win some awards also. "We were extremely disappointed that Saving Tom Black got overlooked this year, particularly considering the sales and the incredible positive, glowing comments about the title," said Coffield.


As expected, Award-Winning Tales is scheduled to be published in January and will be released ahead of the publication date. "This is a fabulous anthology," Coffield said. "I've never seen another Western anthology that begins to measure up with the number of quality stories that are included in this one. I'm very excited about this book. I expect this title to be a BIG seller for us."

In addition, Coffield hopes to have Paula Silici's Western romance out in January, again several months ahead of its scheduled publication date. "I'm very curious how this title is going to go. This is a terrific story, but my experience with romances is nil. If any romance sells, though, this one should be dynamite!" Coffield said.

Both titles will be released on Kindle shortly after their release in trade paperback. "I seriously do not think this will hurt the paperback sales at all. I guess we'll find out! But Kindle readers want the book on Kindle...they're not going to run out and buy a paperback!"


"Well, I was told I wouldn't believe the NFR and Cowboy Christmas events until I saw it in person...and that's an understatement! Wow! What an amazing display of Western artwork, tack, furnishings, clothing, and collectibles. We were very proud to see some of our titles being sold at the NFR also!" Coffield said.

The publisher plans on being in the office for the remainder of the month. Employees will be given the remaining time in 2010 off, but the publisher will be around and available. "I have a lot of catching up to do after being closed for almost 3 1/2 weeks!" Coffield said. "The NFR trip was just the frosting on the cake for us. We're back to work. Vin's back to work - Paula will be shortly as I have a huge editing project for her. I'll give her the holidays though. :)"


"I'm very positive about the upcoming year for Moonlight Mesa Associates. We have some fantastic titles out, and several more coming out in 2011. We're planning on attending some big events, and I know the sales in 2011 will be record-breaking again," Coffield said. "I know people think I've kind of coasted the last two months, and maybe I have, but I do a lot of work...even when I'm coasting!"

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