Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nothing Quiet About the Western Front

Things continue to be as hectic as they've ever been at Moonlight Mesa Associates. Publisher Becky Coffield is slaving away on the anthology, Award-Winning Tales. "This book has been more than challenging. I've tried to find perfect photos/art work for all the verso pages and it's been very, very time-consuming," said Coffield. "Then there's been the proof-reading. We're trying VERY HARD NOT TO CHANGE a single word in anyone's story, but there are still little errors in some of the manuscripts, which is to be expected and is quite normal. But it takes careful reading."

Coffield went on to say that she believes the anthology can be ready in January, despite her absence of three weeks in Mexico. "I can work in Mexico, too, you know," she said.


J.R. Sanders' The Littlest Wrangler received its award Saturday night at the annual Arizona Authors Literary Contest banquet. Sanders, his wife Rose, and the publisher were in attendance.

"I'm betting this is NOT the only award this book is going to win," Coffield said. "The book is just too perfect not to win something else!"

Author Update

Jere D. James claims to be working on Canyon of Death, the third book in the Jake Silver Adventures Trilogy. Just to be sure it gets finished, the publisher has moved the book to the last quarter of 2011.

Rusty Richards is recovering from a bad spell, but Rusty's wife Amy reports that he's doing well and definitely plans on being at the NFR in December to officially present his book to the public.

Paula Silici has been working with Vin Libassi on the cover for her forthcoming Western romance, A Way in the Wilderness. Coffield will set to work on this project as soon as the anthology is completed. Readers may find BOTH the anthology and the romance available in January if there are no snafus!

Stoney Greywolf Bowers seems to be keeping under the radar a lot lately. Not sure what's going on there.

J.R. Sanders says his new project, Some Gave All, is pretty much on schedule. "This book is going to be fabulous," said Coffield. "I think we'll be putting it out in hardbound with dustjacket. It's going to be a big seller, I can tell! I hope we can have it out by June. Going hardbound, however, is extremely time-consuming. The printer folks have the book almost a month. Layout is extremely challenging. Harbounds just take a lot of time."

Adios. Moonlight Mesa will return in three weeks. There might be a blog from Mexico, but...

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