Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dealers Wanted - Inquire Within

The bane of every small or micro publisher is getting people to sell the danged books, and Moonlight Mesa is no different. While the company does have a few vendors selling its titles, it is actively seeking more. If interested, by all means contact the publisher.

"We not only have the fiction titles by Jere James, and a young reader historical fiction by J.R. Sanders, we're also signing Western Romance writer Paula Silici. We now have a NONFICTION rodeo book, and we'll be putting out an anthology plus another nonfiction Western this year," the publisher said. "In other words, we're getting a goodly number of top quality books. Many are award-winning on top of it all." That doesn't even include Moonlight Mesa's suspense novels and sailing book.

Moonlight Mesa Associates staff will be in Las Vegas in December during the NFR primarily looking for possible vendors for their books. "We sell boxes of books on the road," said Coffield, "but I really can't be publishing when I have to be out selling. We offer vendors a good discount on top of it! More than the industry standard, anyway."


Work on the Western Anthology planned for 2011 is going full steam ahead. "I think we can have this out by February, believe it or not," said Coffield. "I just really really want to have it for the two rodeos we're doing that month. But, if it's not ready, it's not ready. I'll be very disappointed, however. I've learned, though, that you can't rush a book!"

The book has over 25 award-winning stories. "I just think it's going to be great," said Coffield.


A reminder to anyone submitting orders, Moonlight Mesa will close for three weeks in November while the publisher and staff go to Mexico. Members of the Board of Directors will meet with the publisher there during one of those weeks. The 2011 publishing calendar will be discussed and revised, the new Cowboy Up Contest will be decided upon, and decisions will be made on whether or not Moonlight Mesa will sell books published elsewhere on consignment.

"I have a DISTINCT feeling the Board is going to unanimously veto this idea of my selling other publishers'/authors' books," said Coffield. "I can see their point, however. Our booth is rapidly filling anyway with our own products."


If you're looking for unique, great gift ideas for the holidays, look no further. You can, starting November 2nd, go to Moonlight Mesa's website and save lots of money on the special holiday sales on several titles.

Just download the order form and send a check or money order to the address provided. Books will arrive before Christmas. Those ordered before November 10th will be sent immediately; those ordered after the 10th will be sent on December 6th.

Books make a terrific present for everyone! Children love books, and The Littlest Wrangler is a great gift for the young readers. Books make great gifts for office/work partners, and any boss will be impressed to find an autographed book inside instead of a stupid tie. Be original this year! Give the gift of literacy!

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