Monday, October 4, 2010

Cowboy Up Contest Winners Announced

Winners in the 2nd Cowboy Up Short Story Contest are as follows:

Finalist and Runner-up: W.D. West, The Coffin Cowboy
Finalist and Runner-up: Drew Davis, Coahuila Captive
3rd Place and $75: Melissa Embry, Eight Seconds
2nd Place and $150: James O'Brien, The Dead Rope
1st Place and $250: M. Carolyn Steele, Waitin' for a Friend

In the Romance Category:

1st Place Winner of two Moonlight Mesa signed publications (including the NEW Casey Tibbs - Born to Ride!) Joe Kilgore, The Gesture.

All finalists will receive an award certificate.

"This was just a terrific group of stories," said publisher Becky Coffield. "Actually, last year had a number of dynamite entries also. This is a very very difficult contest to judge, is all I can say."

Despite the contest's success and forth coming anthology, Coffield is uncertain whether to continue the contest or not. "It's A LOT of work, far more than I ever imagined. We may take a year off...I just don't know yet. Gotta think this through!"


Despite saying that she'd only publish two books in 2011, publisher Becky Coffield is already adding to that count. Enough of the authors in the Cowboy Up Short Story Contest who were contacted agreed to have their stories published, that the project has been given a green light. "I'm thinking I can get this done in 2011," said the author. "Almost everyone was very enthusiastic about the project. I need to contact a few people via snail mail as I can't get them via email, so we may have even more."

Besides the anthology, Coffield announced earlier that she would be publishing J.R. Sanders' newest nonfiction Western book, Some Gave All, and Jere D. James' third and final Jake Silver book, Canyon of Death. In addition, the author may publish the missing Ben Thomas book in the Ben Thomas trilogy, and she may re-issue Life Was a Cabaret since there remain only about 80 copies in print.


Moonlight Mesa had such a positive response from its ad in the September issue of True West magazine, that the publisher is planning an advertising blitz for the new Casey Tibbs book. The company's next ad will appear in The Rodeo News. "Depending on the response to that ad, we may run a December ad also featuring all of our 2010 publications. We're also looking at advertising in Cowboy Rodeo News. We're hoping that we garner reviews in the magazines that we'll be sending copies of Casey Tibbs to, as well as receive orders from the museums where we sent complimentary copies," said Coffield. made a substantial order for the Casey Tibbs book, and the publisher is trying to place Sanders' The Littlest Wrangler with this vendor also.

"I'm thinking I may do a lot more advertising this coming year," said Coffield. "It may prove to be cheaper than all this traveling around in terms of time and cost. We do sell a lot of books at some events though, and that might be hard to duplicate with advertising. Probably a combination of attending events and advertising is the way to go for awhile yet."

Moonlight Mesa has no major events planned for the rest of the year, a shocking change after last year's frantic push at the end of the year. "We need to regroup and prepare for the BIG push in 2011. We're all exhausted after two years of busting our butts running around the country selling books. We just need a break," said the publisher. "Our schedule earlier this year was exhausting, and getting the Tibbs book into print was one of the more stressful things I've ever done. But it's done!"

Renee Witty

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