Thursday, September 16, 2010

Semi-Finalists Posted for Cowboy Up Short Story Contest

The following stories/authors are semi-finalists for Moonlight Mesa's 2nd Annual Cowboy Up Short Story Contest.

I think I have everyone, but if someone got left off the list I'll get it posted asap. We have one reader who has not quite finished with scoring and reading all of the stories. Most are finished, however. So, that being said, here are the semi-finalists for the Cowboy Up Short Story Contest.

The Spittoon, Mark Redmond
The Dead Rope, James O'Brien
The Spirit of Christmas, Allen Russell
Waitin' for a Friend, Carolyn Steele
The Coffin Cowboy, W.D. West
Showdown at Diablo Flats, Michael Fishman
Lost Letters, Barbara Marshak
Old Outlaw, Edward Wyatt
Eight Seconds, Melissa Embry
Crawl Off and Die, Mark Redmond
Coahuila Captive, Drew Davis
Growing Pains, Arthur Kerns
Gunfight in El Paso, Vincent Doherty
The Toughest Ride, Marlene Baird
Navidad, Robert Walton
Never Summer Mountain, Paul Conn
All the Water You Want, Jerry Guin
Wyatt Earp, Allen Russell

Again, if I've left anyone off I'll send out another notice asap. Thanks for your patience! Finalists will be posted in about a week.


And here are the FINALISTS for the Romance Category. The stories are in no particular order.

The Princess Annie, by Ellen Hantzis
LLano Estacado, by Lane Thibodeaux
The Gesture, by J.R. Kilgore
The Bard of Stockman Flat, by Harold Miller
The Banker's Wife, byT.A. Uner
Remote Possibilities, by Patricia A. Cox
Kayenta, by L. Crissman
A Cowboy's Valentine, by Allen Russell
The Best for Last, by Kathleen Ewing
The Best Things, by Paula Silici

As the sponsor/coordinator of this contest, I truly want to thank everyone who entered. The stories were excellent which made the judging very very difficult. Tom, John, Alice and I really enjoyed reading the entries. They were entertaining as heck.

As a Western Book Publisher, we are seriously thinking of producing an anthology of the award-winning stories and many of the runners-up and finalists. So, even if you
don't win a prize right off, you may be offered an opportunity to have your story published in an anthology. This is, of course, AT NO COST or OBLIGATION to any author. We'd just like for others to be able to read some of these great, great stories!


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