Sunday, September 12, 2010

Moonlight Mesa Preparing for Marketing Blitz


After months of stress and intensity, the hardbound edition of Casey Tibbs - Born to Ride, is in the final production stages. "We made a couple of technical changes to the manuscript," said Coffield. "Largely we needed the margins adjusted, and gold foil on the front cover. That was pretty much it. I've read the book so many times I'm not sure I'd see a mistake now if one was printed in bold red ink!"

Coffield anticipates the book will arrive in late October and hopes to start sending out to vendors in early November. Orders placed before November 10th will be filled immediately. Orders placed after November 10th will not be filled until December 6. Moonlight Mesa will be closed from November 13 to December 5th.

Moonlight Mesa Associates is the sole distributor of the hardbound edition. The trade paperback may be purchased from them or from Ingram as well.

"We're also pushing J.R. Sanders' The Littlest Wrangler right now," said Coffield. "The book is an award winner this year in the Arizona Author's Literary Contest, and that's worth a lot of mileage, so we're trying to work that angle also."

For now, the Casey Tibbs trade paperback can be purchased using PayPal or Visa on the publisher's website: Readers can also go to the Mail Order page and order that way.

Signed copies of the hardbound edition may be purchased directly from the author at


Entries for this year's Cowboy Up Short Story Contest far exceeded last year's entries, according to publisher Becky Coffield. "The stories are ALL good. This is such a difficult competiton to judge!"

Semi-finalists will probably be announced this week. Finalists will be announced around the 21st or a bit after. "It's going to be so difficult to pick only three cash prize winners out of all of these wonderful entries," Coffield said. "I'll be contacting a number of people, though, about putting their entry in our Western Short Story Anthology. This anthology is being published at NO COST OR OBLIGATION to the writers. I just wanted a great anthology filled with fantastic stories!"

This year, all finalists will receive an award certificate, and those who submitted a self-addressed stamped envelope will get their scoring sheets back also. The winning romance writer(s) will be awarded new, hot-off-the-press hardbound editions of Casey Tibbs - Born to Ride.


There's only one event scheduled for the remainder of 2010, and that's the Rex Allen Days celebration in Willcox, Arizona, in early October. Moonlight Mesa offices will be closed for three weeks in November. "Hopefully December will be devoted to mailing out hundreds of copies of Casey Tibbs!" said Coffield. People will get the book in time for the holidays if they order early. Books will be mailed the day Moonlight Mesa reopens on December 6th.

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