Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Moonlight Mesa Publisher Chooses Titles for 2011

In a surprise move, Moonlight Mesa Western Book Publisher, Becky Coffield, has selected only two Westerns for the company's 2011 calendar. A third book, a missing suspense novel in the Ben Thomas trilogy written by the publisher, may also be published.

"We simply must make a big push for better marketing," Coffield said. "I can't keep doing all of these events to sell my authors' books. Somehow, we've got to get the word out that we have some QUALITY WESTERN TITLES. When J.R. Sanders' The Littlest Wrangler and Rusty Richards' Casey Tibbs - Born to Ride start raking in awards, that may do the trick. Both books are superb in their categories."

"We're particularly excited about these two titles. They're unique and pretty much without any competition. Jere James' books are far more difficult being historical fiction, and it's hard for a trade paperback to compete with the mass market paperbacks due to the pricing/cost factor. Jere has said he's going to finish Canyon of Death , the third Jake Silver Adventure book, and possibly move into nonfiction. He emphasized possibly," Coffield said.

"The bottom line is this, if we can't get more books SOLD, it's like swimming against the tide. The books sell well when I'm out there pushing them, but we're just not making it into the mainstream at all."


After several hundred hours of hard, intensive labor, Casey Tibbs - Born to Ride is ready to roll. The latest trade paperback proof was finally accepted by the publisher and several cases of books have been ordered for review purposes and test marketing.

The hardbound will be uploaded and printed once the author, Rusty Richards, and his wife review the pdf file and place their order. The book officially "comes out" in December at the NFR in Las Vegas. Books will be available somewhat earlier, however, for those wanting to do some Christmas shopping, or who are just plain eager to read this long-awaited, excellent biography of rodeo super-star, Casey Tibbs.

"I'm exhausted," Coffield said. "I won't be publishing anything else this year - I even cancelled two other contracts...fortunately they weren't signed. I've had it. We're devoting our time at this point to marketing what we currently have in print."

"I was wanting to do the Western anthology, but it will probably have to wait another year...."

Submitted by Renee Witty

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