Monday, July 26, 2010


We're back, and work has commenced once again! The three weeks we were touring New Mexico seems like a distant dream, yet at times it seemed forever!


There's only one month left for writers to submit their Western stories to the Second Annual Cowboy Up Short Story Contest. Submission details are at Cash prizes and possible publication in our first anthology of award-winning short stories! (No cost or obligation in any way to authors.)


After months and months of work, Casey Tibbs - Born to Ride will undergo its final (I hope) upload for the trade paperback book. The hardbound book, being printed by Bang Printing in Minnesota, will follow shortly. The trade paperback will be issued primarily for test marketing and for review purposes. It will be distributed by Ingram, but the hardbound will be distributed solely by Moonlight Mesa Associates.

The book will debut at this year's National Finals Rodeo held in Las Vegas, NV.

This brings us to OUR FIRST MAGAZINE AD!

Moonlight Mesa will have its first magazine ad in the September issue of True West Magazine. This issue features "rodeo" with a large article on Casey Tibbs. Even though magazine ads are NOT in our budget at this time, when we were contacted by Joe Freedman of True West and told of this opportunity, we couldn't turn it down.

We'd already planned an ad for another publication, but we've postponed that one for the time being. Gotta make hay while the sun shines!


I like Western history...but enough is enough. There are folks who cannot let Billy the Kid rest. How many books can possibly be written about this guy? He died there really enough grist for the dozens of books about him? Well, it seems many New Mexicans think so.

On our recent book tour of New Mexico, besides seeing Carlsbad Caverns, the Alien Museum in Roswell, the Ruidoso area in detail, Santa Fe, Taos, Pecos etc. etc., I saw more books about Billy the Kid than I ever imagined existed.

We attended the Wild West History Association Convention in Ruidoso while in NM. Sales were brutal since the attendees had a definite penchant for NONFICTION ONLY. I couldn't even talk these guys into HISTORICAL fiction. Nope. NONFICTION ONLY. Fortunately, people at RV parks saw the big Western Book Publisher sign on our horse trailer and bought plenty of books, but the convention was a big disappointment as far as sales go.


I think everyone is still alive and kicking. I've only had contact with Amy Richards so far, author Rusty Richards' wife. Jere James is still in the Chiricahuas - alive the last we saw of him. Had to have a little heart-to-heart with that writer about getting his manuscript written!! I wouldn't call it a butt-kicking about a gigantic pep talk?

Jere's third book in the Jake Silver Adventure Series is due out in 2011...hmmm. That's going to be here pretty darn soon! He's already thinking about book four though, so that's a GREAT sign! I told him to think about book three for right now, though, and get it FINISHED!


Moonlight Mesa will be at Big Bear, California, in August for a Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival, and at Western Legends in Kanab, Utah, the following week. Hope to see you there!

No events are scheduled for September (yet)...this'll be a BIG marketing month for us what with the Casey Tibbs biography forthcoming.


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