Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Hot Time in the Old Town!

Stoney Bowers' book and rodeo pix on display in Show Low.

Whew! Show Low, Arizona, celebrated its 10th Show Low Days Celebration this year, and of course, Moonlight Mesa had a booth at the event. Sales were fair, maybe fair+, but the weather was TORPID.

Unfortunately, Moonlight Mesa was one of the unlucky vendors to get a spot with no shade trees. The temperature on the asphalt was 106* and the roar of 18 generators was deafening for three days. The fact that we sold as many books as we did is actually quite miraculous. While Phoenix baked at 110 over the weekend, the humidity in Slow Low was its undoing...simply murderous.

Sales were only 3/4 of our projections...but whatcha' gonna do? I'm sure many people did not attend the event because of the blistering temperatures. Top selling books were R.L. Coffield's Death in the Desert, (which I at times thought was happening to me) and Jere D. James' Saving Tom Black.

Interestingly, however, last month's sales report from Ingram, Moonlight Mesa's wholesaler, places James' second book in the Jake Silver Series, Apache, ahead of Saving Tom Black for year-to-date sales. And, I do believe that Kindle sales favor Apache. No doubt about it, Apache is a sexy, hard-core, gritty Western. Yummy too.

And, for all those who've emailed asking...Nantan Lupan, the Apache in Apache, will be in the third, and possibly final book of the Jake Silver series, Canyon of Death, expected out in 2011. Jere D. James has assured me of that.

Speaking of Jere James, he's in the Chiricahuas still...I think it's his avoidance technique.


A few folks have emailed asking if everything is okay with Moonlight Mesa because the tone of June's newsletter was a bit grumpy in places, shall we say, like page 2. Please remember that Renee is gone for the summer, as is Jered, so a large part of the newsletter fell to yours truly. I must admit I got a bit heavy-handed one day...but everything I said is TRUE!! None of our authors were being targeted. My thanks to Stoney Bowers, Ian Craine, and a few others who asked if all was well. I also received several emails asking for more explicit information regarding traditional publishing and self-publishing.


The ARC (advanced reader copy) for Casey Tibbs - Born to Ride, by Rusty Richards, is at long last uploaded to Lightning Source. I did this ARC very differently than usual. I'm nervous about how it'll turn out, truth be told. This book will be sent to various magazine and newspapers for reviews. We'll also order 25 copies or so to test market. The hardbound copy will be issued (hopefully) in the early fall. I'm not sure if I'll do the layout for that publication or hire it out.


Our next vendor event will be next weekend back in Pine, Arizona, for the Strawberry Festival. This has been a GREAT show for us in the past...hope it's another great one this year.


Jered has taken off for the summer to Kodiak, Alaska. Promises he'll return in the fall to work for my "slave labor" wages, as he calls them.

Renee is gone also for the summer. Right now she's not sure if she'll return or not. Depends on her fall schedule.

Tom, my faithful historical editor, is leaving for Oregon for a few weeks to work a job that pays significantly more than I do. But he promises he'll return in time to go to New Mexico for the Wild West Historical Association Convention in Ruidoso.

Looks like I'll be working usual. :)

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