Thursday, May 6, 2010

National Day of the Cowboy

For a change, we won't be pushing books here...or gossip. Instead, we'll be pushing an organization - one that people might want to give some time, and thought would be helpful also.

Recently I had the opportunity to meet with Bethany Braley, head of the National Day of the Cowboy organization. I can't begin to explain Bethany's travails regarding this organization, but I can tell you her commitment and passion for it are out of this world. She has struggled for better than six years trying to get this organization established, and for six years she has met nothing but roadblocks, barriers, and formidable obstacles. Still she perseveres.

Not that Bethany hasn't had a few lucky breaks, especially from a fellow actually called Lucky, but still, the uphill battle wages on.

Despite the fact that some states have already adopted the National Day of the Cowboy, and that many cities and towns have celebrations and festivities of some sort on that day, and despite the fact that both Congress and the Senate have approved the day, it is still not recognized as a NATIONAL DAY OF THE COWBOY yet.

Even though Bethany's National Day of the Cowboy flag has actually been in outerspace, photographed with an astronaut holding it by the space capsule window as the earth can be seen far below, the organization hangs on by a thread and by Bethany's unfathomable commitment to honor the cowboy that is not only a part of American tradition, but Canadian, Mexican, South American, Australian...

Unfortunately, according to Braley, "A huge media conglomerate is pushing for a National Day of the American Cowboy, in order to benefit and promote one of their publications, which impedes the progress of her nonprofit's efforts. In fact, the official mission statement of the National Day of the Cowboy 501c3 is even appearing verbatim in flyers promoting that publication which also offers deals to adveristers who support the National Day of the American Cowboy rather than simply 'National Day of the Cowboy.'"

Well, not being political or well informed, my job is to pass this information on to you. Check out Bethany's website:

If you see fit, contact her at the email on the website. Become a member. Help preserve a love of all that is Western, especially the cowboy!

Moonlight Mesa Associates, a Western Book Publisher, will proudly be flying the National Day of the Cowboy flag at all of its future events.

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