Saturday, May 1, 2010

"Death in the Desert" Sells Out at Festival...AGAIN

R.L. Coffield's controversial Death in the Desert once again sold out...this time at the tiny Yarnell, Arizona, festival May 1. "Unbelievable," said publisher Becky Coffield who manned the booth. "We were only open for 5 hours. I took one case of that title, and in 5 hours we sold the entire case!"

"This book is so incredibly timely right now. The book deals with the Arizona/Mexican border, but its concern is with the river of middle-eastern terrorists who are crossing the border illegally, along with the flood of narcotics. The book is not anti-Mexican in the least. In fact, one of the main characters, and heroine, in the book is a young Mexican woman," Coffield said. "The main theory behind the book is that middle-eastern terrorist groups are subsidizing/supporting the drug cartels. The book is positively frightening in its implications, and so much of it is true. While the book is based on FACT, the characters are mostly fictional. The names of the guilty were changed. That's about it."

Moonlight Mesa will be removing the book from Ingram, since they haven't even bothered to put the correct cover on the Amazon website, and the publisher will once again place the book with Moonlight Mesa's Amazon Advantage account.

The festival's number two seller was Saving Tom Black, by Jere D. James.


J.R. Sanders had a busy April with appearances at Buckaroo Bookshop at the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival and radio interviews.

Sanders has several signings lined up for May, plus he'll be heading to the Big Bear Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival in Big Bear, California, in August to sign books for Moonlight Mesa Associates, western book publisher,

Sanders' book was a favorite at the Santa Clarita Festival, with cowboy poet Don Edwards picking up a copy to read to grade schools that he visits. In addition, Sanders was asked to submit his book for next year's Storyfest at Big Bear.


Stoney Bowers, author of Reflections from the Wilderness, had a big event in Jean, Nevada this past weekend. Will Stoney attend Big Bear in August, or the Western Legends in Kanab, Utah? Stay tuned.


As most readers of this blog undoubtedly know, Arizona has a number of issues that are bringing national attention to the state...not all of it favorable. Many people are upset about the new 1070 law that was recently enacted. Their concerns seem to be genuine, for the most part. Yet, what most people don't see on the nightly news is the wave of lawlessness and crime that is being perpetrated by drug cartels, human smuggling, and kidnapping in Arizona. Why is the media conveniently omitting this information?

Yesterday's news in Arizona dealt with the assault by a gang on a sheriff. This gang laid in wait and assaulted the officer with an AK47 out in the desert. Then, they tried to shoot down the helicopter that came to take him to the hospital!

Phoenix is now the kidnapping capital of America!

Only a few weeks ago an Arizona rancher was shot to death on his ranch.

Arizona is also the car theft capital of America.

Human smuggling and drop houses are epidemic in Phoenix.

This law is not aimed at's aimed at CRIMINALS. And not just "Hispanic" criminals. There are, at last count, at least 40,000 Hamas members who have infiltrated our border and are at large in the United States. Will it take a major, national catastrophe before Washington...and the rest of America...gets it??

This is not a political blog. We won't be blogging about this situation again. The 1070 law, basically, is probably wrong. No matter what the governor says, innocent American citizens could be challenged and harrassed...could be. This is not fair to them, but the response across the nation to the law is not fair to Arizona.


Watch for Moonlight Mesa, Jere D. James, and R.L. Coffield at the Pine/Strawberry Festival at Pine, Arizona, over Memorial Day weekend.

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