Sunday, April 4, 2010

Packing Iron in the Chiricahuas


Moonlight Mesa publisher and her spouse are heading for Tombstone, Arizona, this week for the Old West Founders Day Event, and then are off to the Chiricahuas in search of author Jere D. James who headed that way to begin work on Canyon of Death, the final (?) book in the Jake Silver Series.

"We'll both be packing iron," said Coffield. "How 'wild West' does that sound? Ever since the rancher in southern Arizona was recently killed, I'm beginning to feel a bit paranoid, particularly after a Tombstone businessman suggested we be carrying weapons into the Chiricahuas...both for snakes and two-legged snakes. I know Jere brought his horse back and picked up a rifle and handgun last week and headed back down there.

"It completely angers me that I cannot go into a national monument in this country without being armed because of foreign drug cartels and their henchmen. This is because we have a crowd of politicians who are NOT doing their jobs...obviously. Maybe if the cartels were running amok in Washington D.C. they'd get off their asses and do something about the border. OH! Cartels are running Washington?"


In other news, J.R. Sanders' recent proposal for Some Gave All, a nonfiction Western work, was approved by the publisher. Sanders was sent an Agreement, and work will commence sometime in 2011 after the book is finished. "I'd love to take this book on the Casey Tibbs Tour next summer," said Coffield. "It'll be close, that's all I can say. We have the new Jere D. James book to get out before then too."

Sanders' new book is an account of Western lawmen who lost their lives in the line of duty and who have been unrecognized, unsung heros, unlike Wyatt Earp and others of his fame. "This book will absolutely appeal to those people who want to read Western historical nonfiction!" said Coffield. "I see a large audience for this. We get so many requests for nonfiction!"


Event coordinator Renee Witty has been hard at work lining up a number of new events for Moonlight Mesa Associates. "New this year is Show Low, Arizona, in June, and the Wild West Historical Association Convention in July in Ruidoso, New Mexico," said Coffield. "Renee has also applied for Kanab, Utah, in August, and the Rex Allen Days in October, along with a Wild West Show in October in Glendale, Arizona. We're booked for Tombstone this month, and Yarnell and Pine/Strawberry in May."

September is still open for the company, as is December, unless the publisher can get to the NFR in Vegas. Moonlight Mesa will be closed for three weeks in November/December.

Probably no new blogs next week since everyone will be gone.

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