Monday, February 8, 2010

HUGE Upcoming Events

Moonlight Mesa Associates, Inc. is preparing for a big year in sales. Make that a HUGE year in sales. Our events coordinator (and she wears 1/2 dozen other hats around here too) has scheduled some outstanding events for 2010.

January sales this year were terrific, especially considering that we didn't attend the Seattle Boat Show as usual, where we normally sell boxes of Northern Escape, Life Was a Cabaret, and One Pot Galley Gourmet. Instead, we opted to go to the Old Town Jubilee in Yuma and the Wickenburg Ranch Rodeo. Both events were extremely good for sales.


February events will be every bit as good as January's, maybe even better. We'll be attending the Wickenburg Gold Rush Days, February 11-14, which is always a great venue (and this year the weather looks like it'll straighten out for that) and we're signed up to go to Cave Creek for an event on February 21. Hopefully, we'll be in the local Gun Show too February 27 - 28 (but someone has to cancel!)


We're totally looking forward to attending the Festival of the West in Scottsdale, Arizona, March 18 - 21, where J.R. Sanders' The Littlest Wrangler is set to debut. Jere D. James' Apache will make its debut there also, although the book will have been sold at the Gold Rush Days. Festival of the West really is intended to highlight Sanders' book, however.

More events are being lined up for the upcoming months, including the Pine/Strawberry Festival over Memorial Weekend, and the
Wild West Historical Association Convention in July in New Mexico. We're scheduling a number of smaller, local one day events also this spring, and these have always been surprisingly productive for us.


Sales on AMAZON'S Kindle are slow, but steady. I'm pleased. I see a definite spike in sales after every event we do...a lot of people like their Kindles, and when they hear the books are available on Kindle, they prefer to use that. I think sales will climb as time goes on, no doubt.


The big story for us is the 2nd Annual Short Story Contest which will officially open March 1. We are so pleased to have this contest approved by our Board of Directors again. See last week's blog, or our website,,for further details.

We are still in the process of selecting this year's judges. Again, we'd like to have five individuals reading and scoring the stories.


Work is proceeding on Murder in Thomas Bay, our only publication for 2010. The book is undergoing its first in-house edit at this time. Once the edits are finished, an ISBN will be assigned and work on layout and formatting will proceed. Look for this title by mid-summer.

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