Monday, January 11, 2010

Moonlight Mesa Picking up Steam!

We're off to a great start this year here at Moonlight Mesa Associates, Inc. Except for my blogger guy still being on Christmas break, things are really looking rosy!


For starters, we now have five titles uploaded to Kindle. This grieved me greatly, to be honest. I love books: the feel of paper, the weight, the covers, the bookness of it all. So, uploading titles to ebooks was difficult and made me feel a bit trashy, like a pulp novel or something.

But the deed is done. Ironically, Apache, Jere D. James' second novel, is actually out on Kindle BEFORE the paper addition has arrived! In fact, I ordered it last night for my husband's Kindle machine.

Northern Escape, Saving Tom Black, Apache, Death in the Desert, and Life Was a Cabaret are now all available on Amazon's Kindle.

We have not yet uploaded Reflections from the Wilderness, Stoney Bowers' cowboy poetry. The pictures in the book are presenting problems, and the file is so large, my wonderful Hughes server can't seem to handle it.


Our first event this year took place in Yuma, Arizona. I can't say the event was GREAT, but it definitley was GOOD. Maybe GOOD+. Top sellers at the event were Saving Tom Black and Death in the Desert. We're not complaining one little bit! Astonishingly, Life Was A Cabaret tied with Northern Escape for third in sales! Who'd have thought there were so many sailors in the desert!!


We've changed this so much, I hesitate to bring it up, but of course, I will. Our publishing calendar has changed yet again. I can now say, with almost 100% certainty, that the following titles will appear sometime in 2010/11:

Murder in Thomas Bay, R.L. Coffield (the missing Book II of the Ben Thomas Trilogy)2010 for certain. (?)

Canyon of Death, Jere D. James, Book III of the Jake Silver Adventures.

Casey Tibbs Biography, Rusty Richards...probably 2011.

Award-Winning Tales from the Corral, Anthology, 2011

Native American Reflections, Stoney Bowers, 2010/2011.


We're also looking for a really good, slutty Western. I guess I could write one myself!! I'm thinking of a cover with a buxom gal and a guy with six-pack abs with a set of Colts below. Good golly! We don't want porn; we want steamy. :)


We'll officially be closing for a week in January while we take a "business holiday" in Puerto Vallarta to drink margaritas and discuss our Western direction. So, if you order any Tom Black or Apache books using the coupons, know that we'll fill your order the minute we return!

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