Thursday, January 28, 2010

Moonlight Mesa Dedicated to New Direction

Lightning Joe, The Wrangler! Drawing by Vin Libassi. The Littlest Wrangler is by J.R. Sanders.

After a "business holiday" week in Pto. Vallarta, Mexico, Moonlight Mesa Associates folks returned to Arizona with new determination to become a first rate Western book publisher. We're happy with our sales and our direction, and we're committed to continue in our endeavors to be a publisher of quality Western books.

Unfortunately, most of us returned with colds, also. Probably the result of too many late nights and margaritas.

Some of the decisions and changes made are briefly discussed in the February newsletter. Anybody wanting to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, please send an email. It's FREE.


J.R. Sanders' The Littlest Wrangler had its final upload this week and should be available immediately upon proof acceptance by the publisher...hopefully sometime next week. We will be test marketing some pre-publication copies this weekend, but most of the pre-pub copies will be sent out for marketing purposes.

A limited supply of Apache, Jere D. James' second Jake Silver Adventure novel is in. It too will be test marketed Saturday. "Apache" is currently being submitted for reviews.

There will shortly be a new upload of Saving Tom Black. No major changes, just a few minor technical corrections.


One of the items the Board of Directors unanimously approved at our recent gathering was to continue the Cowboy Up Short Story Contest. This year the contest will run March 1 to September 1. This will help avoid the holiday rush stuff, but still give everyone plenty of time to enter.

There will be a special award this year for Western Romance. Prizes will remain the same, as will entry fees. Wordage is increased to 3000, but the contest is limited to fiction only. Details will be forthcoming in February and will be posted here as well as our website,


Other Board decisions involved our publishing calendar. After lengthy discussion, it was decided that Murder in Thomas Bay will be the only title issued by Moonlight Mesa Associates in 2010. Our focus in 2010 is almost exclusively on marketing.

2011, however, will see several new Westerns, including Jere D. James' Canyon of Death, a Western anthology of short stories, and hopefully Rusty Richards' biography of Casey Tibbs. Stoney Bowers' Native American Reflections is also being seriously considered.

2012 is still uncertain, but we're hoping that Paula Silici's The Giving Season will be ready, as will another Jere D. James title, and we're still looking for a good slutty Western!!


My blogger man wants the semester off from this fantastic opportunity! (I think his college loan came through and he doesn't need my $5 a week!) He'll still be helping with the monthly newsletter though.

Catch you all on the re-ride.

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