Monday, January 18, 2010

"Business Holiday" to Mexico Has Serious Side

(Photo is an illustration by Vin Libassi for J.R. Sanders' The Littlest Wrangler.)

Moonlight Mesa Associates' office will be closed this week while staff and Board of Directors head to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, for a "business holiday."


We'll be discussing a number of issues: Obviously we need to iron out a better way to determine upcoming publications! Marketing is another major issue for us to do some creative thinking about, and we've recently had an unusual situation arise that we need to spend some time sorting out.

We make every effort to authenticate an author's submission to us. We do not want to publish work that's been plagirized! We also spend a lot of time checking "facts" that appear in "fiction" books, such as the Westerns written by Jere D. James. Even the suspense novels get careful scrutiny. Sometimes we find errors in fact and make corrections before publication. (We hope we get them all!)

However, recently an issue arose when a disgruntled person made an out and out attack on one of our authors, disputing the author's biographical data that we'd shared with reviewers. The quality of the author's work was not disputed, simply facts that we'd endorsed to be published about the author were challenged.

We do not, and have not, required authentication of an author's biographical data. Nor do we wish to do so. In any event, it seems that we may ultimately refrain from sharing any biographical data about anyone with any reviewer. This could also ultimately change the nature of any comments made by the publisher in the introductory material of a book. So, this will no doubt prove to be a major discussion item this week. How important is it to know about the author to enjoy his/her work? Any thoughts from readers of this blog?

There are also a lot of loose ends and housekeeping issues we'll be discussing: BLOGS, TWEETS, NEWSLETTERS, 'AUTHOR AGREEMENTS', ROYALTIES, ADVERTISING, ETC.


Recent studies indicate that social websites, those .ning sites and other chat rooms/forums, etc., are poor venues for stimulating book sales. While the internet may be "free," it is not at all cost effective in terms of time invested. This is not to say that one might not derive enjoyment from these social sites, but they aren't productive financially given the time investment. It'd be more worth one's time to go door-to-door to peddle books.

Speaking of which, I also read an article about a New York author who stated that he left his apartment every morning with ten books to sell, and he didn't come home until he'd sold all ten. Somedays he said it only took an couple of hours; other days he was out until the wee hours of the next morning.

Interesting approach!!


The final upload of J.R. Sanders' The Littlest Wrangler will be January 28th. The book will be available within a week of the upload and proof acceptance.

Jere D. James' newest title, Apache, is now available! The book is also available on Kindle, although one must look up the full title to easily find it: Apache, A Jake Silver Adventure.

And, we've set late August as the pub. date for Murder in Thomas Bay, the missing book in the Ben Thomas Series.

Death in the Desert has been reformatted and uploaded. The previous format was shall I wasn't really correctly done.

So, see you all in a week. Hopefully Blogger Dude will be back and will have run out of excuses. Until then, ADIOS!

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