Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winners of Cowboy Up Contest Announced

I should just cut to the chase and list the winners, because basically that's all anyone really wants to know, so I'm probably wasting my time/energy saying the things I'm going to say, but after two brandy/eggnogs, I feel like I have to say them anyway.

This is the first contest we at Moonlight Mesa have sponsored. It was truly a wonderful experience, although it was terrifically grueling at times, particularly here towards the end when two stories tied for first place, and two tied for third place. I thought this wouldn't happen because of the number of judges and the number of times each story was read and scored. Wrong.

This is a testament to the excellent calibre of stories that were submitted. Even those who made it only to the semi-finals had WONDERFUL stories. Stories that were eliminated earlier in the judging process were also entertaining and well written, and eliminating these stories was very difficult for all of us. There simply was not a bad story submitted. I'm not just saying this because of the eggnogs either. I know it took a huge leap of faith for people to enter a contest sponsored by a nano-no name publisher, and for this, we thank you so very, very much. The interest expressed for the Western genre surprised us all!

I feel priveleged that all of you shared your work with us. I cannot tell you how much this meant to us, and to me in particular.

So, before I get all teary and weepy and weird, here are the cash prize winners and runners-up for this First Annual Cowboy Up Short Story Contest.

Runners Up:

Drew Davis - Martinez, GA. "Maniac"
Simon Lake - Penzance, United Kingdom, "Hostage to Fortune"
Kathleen Ewing - Prescott Valley, Arizona, "Living Legend"
Loree Westron - Southsea Portsmouth, England, "The Difference Between Cowboys and Clowns"

3rd Place and $75.00:

Robert Walton - King City, CA. "Indio"

2nd Place and $150.00:

J.R. Kilgore - Austin, Texas, "Ned"

1st Place and $250.00:

Jonathan Adams - Wahpeton, North Dakota, "The Wild Ones"

Checks will be mailed next week. I promise that they're good!

Next year's contest will be open to fiction only, 3000 word maximum, open from March 1 to September 1, and again a $15 entry fee to help pay for judges and winner prizes. There will be a special award for the top story that fits "Western Romance". I do hope that all of you will consider entering the contest again!

I'll be sending out emails this next week with more information. Also, information will be posted after the first of the year on our website.

Again, I thank you so very much.


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  1. Congratulations to all .. with a tip of the hat to Mr. Adams .. and a special "THANKS" to Becky and Moonlight Mesa for a rewarding experience. Thanks again, and adios for now.