Monday, December 28, 2009

Preparing for 2010

Well, the office is very quiet this morning. I'm supposed to be "closed" this week, but what the heck. I missed the smell of books too much to stay away.

Been thinking quite a bit about this past year's events and publications. Some of it's not very encouraging, but on the other hand, there's always onward and upward thoughts to spur me on.


I recently (okay, over Christmas I was in the office too) published Northern Escape as an ebook. This was hard for me to do...I love that book. I love the characters, the setting, the whole darn story! Obviously others do too since the book won an award in the Arizona Authors Literary Contest and was our number one seller for several years. Ebooks just don't seem like real books to me. Anybody else feel that way? Or am I just a dinosaur? We'll definitely keep the book available in paper, but it is now in cyberspace.

I'll be uploading Life Was a Cabaret this next week as an ebook. It's been an award-winning book and a great seller also. But, hey, it's also been out now four or five years, so this might breathe new life into it.

How far does one go though? Should all the new books automatically be issued also as ebooks? Eeks! What does anyone reading this post think? I'd like reader opinions on this.


Well, we wrapped up the First Annual Cowboy Up Short Story Contest. I've received some nice emails from people about the contest, and some that offered good, constructive criticism. I agree with all the recommendations people have suggested, by the way. My only concern is, can we afford to run this contest again? This was NOT a profitable experience. Had we even broken even I wouldn't hesitate, but this was truly a money-losing venture. Hmm. By the time we paid the judges and paid out the winners' prizes, we were actually a bit in the hole! Go figure.

We'll probably give this another go, but there'll have to be some changes, that's certain.


Jere D. James' second novel, Apache, will be released in January for pre-publication reviews and early-bird sales. I think the official publication date is June. This book has received absolutely STERLING reviews so far!


J.R. Sanders' book will be sent for printing in early January right after we receive the preassigned control number. It should be available for the Festival of the West in Scottsdale in March. Sanders' book has been highly endorsed by Don Edwards and other notables.


Nothing is truly certain at this date, but I have made a commitment to publish Murder in Thomas Bay, the missing book in the Ben Thomas Trilogy by R.L. Coffield. Books I and III (Northern Escape and Death in the Desert) are available. In the last week I received five inquiries in three days about the missing title. Time to move on it.


This is probably the end of the road for this publication. We've sold out of the third (error-free) edition, and now have only 2nd editions left. I keep saying we won't re-issue this title, but it has been a slow, steady seller. What to do! What to do!


We are slowly filling in our event caldendar for 2010. I refuse to do more than two events per month this year. Guess the ones we do better be good ones then!! We'll be starting off January 8 - 10 in Yuma at a festival, followed by Wickenburg Ranch Rodeo on January 30th. If you come by, tell me you've read this blog and get a 25% discount on any title in stock.

You all have a Happy New Year! Make lots of resolutions. It's more fun that way!!


  1. Don't give up on One Pot Galley. The backlist titles help pay the rent.

  2. You're right, but still...I'll at least think about it, Tom, how's that?