Monday, December 21, 2009

New Venues, New Titles, New Year

Moonlight Mesa Associates, Inc. is planning to attend a host of new events in 2010. According to the small company's publisher, "We'll be exploring a lot of new venues, including a lot of new Western events. In the past we've pretty much just done book fairs, Arts and Craft events, and such. We're trying new things this year, and we're starting off with the Wickenburg Ranch Rodeo, January 30th, in Wickenburg." New also will be the National Festival of the West in Scottsdale, Arizona, in March. A list of Moonlight Mesa's 2010 venues will be posted soon.


Moonlight Mesa will be releasing Apache, by Jere D. James, the second Jake Silver Adventure, in early 2010. Pre-publication review copies will go out in January, but pre-publication copies of the book will be sold at the Wickenburg Gold Rush Days in February if the order arrives in time.

J.R. Sanders' The Littles Wrangler will also be released in time for the Festival of the West held in Scottsdale, Arizona, in March.


Winners of the First Annual Cowboy Up Short Story Contest will be announced on Wednesday the 23rd, not the 22nd as scheduled. "The stories that were sent over a week ago, priority mail, to one of our readers have not yet arrived. I will deliver copies of the stories IN PERSON later today. I believe I know who the top winners are just based on the scores of 3 of the judges, but we do need the fourth judge's input."

Next year's contest will be announced in February. Details for the contest are still being worked out. The contest will be open, however, from March 1 to September 1. "I don't want this contest to coincide with the holidays again!" Coffield said.


After all the tallying, despite being issued as late as October, Jere D. James' Saving Tom Black turned out to be Moonlight Mesa's best selling book in 2009, followed by Death in the Desert, then Northern Escape. One Pot Galley Gourmet and Life Was A Cabaret rounded out the top five sellers.

This tally only includes books sold DIRECTLY by Moonlight Mesa, and does not include titles sold by individual authors. "In that regard, Stoney Bowers did nicely with Reflections from the Wilderness," Coffield said.

Despite One Pot Galley Gourmet's steady sales, the publisher will NOT be re-issuing the book. "The third edition has sold out, but we still have second edition books available. The only difference between the two editions is a slight variation in layout, and the third edition has a few more recipes. We will NOT be re-issuing this book - at least until the second edition is sold out, and probably not even then. This has been a slow, steady seller. We can count on it, but I'm getting out of the cookbook business," said Coffield.


Moonlight Mesa will be closing for a week in January for the staff to take a well deserved break in Puerto Vallarta. Naturally, the publisher will try to sneak a box of books onto the plane!!

Meanwhile, stay tuned for announcements on this year's contest winners.

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