Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finalists in Cowboy Up Contest

Hello, Everyone,

Here is the list of finalists for the first annual Moonlight Mesa Associates Cowboy Up Contest.

Every story that was submitted was wonderful. You need to know that the judges did not take this contest lightly, and a good deal of time was spent reading and scoring every entry. I wish I could allot every semi-finalist a cash award, but I cannot.

Also, last week, through my error, Thomas McNulty was left off the semi-finalist list. Also, several people entered more than one story, but in each case only one of the stories that the authors submitted was a semi-finalist entry.

Finalists for Cowboy Up Short Story Contest:

(Not in any particular order)

1. Drew Davis – “Maniac”
2. Paul Conn – “Bull Pen”
3. Simon Lake – “Hostage to Fortune”
4. Jonathan Adams – “The Wild Ones”
5. Loree Westron – “The Difference Between Cowboys and Clowns”
6. Robert Walton – “Indio”
7. Kathleen Ewing – “Living Legend”
8. Roy Raynor – “This Place, This Moment”
9. Hal Swift – “Lean, Mean, Bathhouse Clean”
10. Merle McCann – “Nasty and the Hoodlum”
11. Harold Miller – “Desert Justice”
12. J.R. Kilgore – “Ned”
13. Thomas McNulty – “The Ghosts at War Eagle Hill”
14. E. Richard Womack - "The Forbidden Trunk"
15. Arthur Kerns - "Pottery for Sale"

I hope I haven't omitted anyone again this week by accident!!! The cash prize winners will be posted next week.

Thank you all for your participation in this contest, and for your patience.


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