Sunday, December 13, 2009

Big News at Moonlight Mesa

Moonlight Mesa Associates, Inc. publisher, Becky Coffield, made several critical announcements on Friday.

Jere D. James News

Probably the announcement many are interested in hearing, is that Jere D. James will sign another agreement with Moonlight Mesa. The publisher expressed no surprise about this, but many others did, despite Jere stating publically he had no intention of moving on."The issue," as far as I'm concerned," said Coffield, "has always been whether Jere has more books inside that head!"

James has told Coffield that work on Canyon of Death will begin this coming spring. "Fine by me," Coffield said, "as long as it's ready late 2010 for us to start our work on it. I want it out in early, early 2011."

James also says he has definite plans for more Jake Silver Adventures.

Apache will be released for pre-publication reviews and early sales in January.

Rusty Richards News

Coffield will also be sending Rusty Richards, author of the biography of Casey Tibbs, an agreement this week. "If Rusty agrees to the agreement, work will begin on the Casey Tibbs project in January. I've gone to "Agreements" nowadays. They're so much more friendly than a contract."

"I'd love to do this book. Casey deserves to have his story told, and Rusty has done a fine job of telling it. The book is simply too long as it reads right now. It'd cost $40 to buy hardback."

JR Sanders News

"We made giant steps in The Littlest Wrangler last week. The cover, by Vin Libassi, is completed and is fantastic. The cover has a picture of Sanders' father when he was a boy. It's a PERFECT cover for this book," Coffield said. In addition, the illustrations, again by Vin Libassi, are now finished and uploaded. "I think the layout is good to go. We are only waiting to file for a preassigned control number in January. We will probably do a test run on the book, however, to make sure everything is good with the layout. Having illustrations complicates things," Coffield said. "I'd like to test market the book in February, even though it won't officially "debut" until the Festival of the West in March in Scottsdale, Arizona."

The book has some powerful endorsements. "We have high hopes for this book!" Coffield said.


Coffield also surprised some with the announcement that Northern Escape and Death in the Desert will be issued as ebooks in January/February. Previously she had already stated that Life Was A Cabaret would be.

Closed to Queries

Coffield is no longer accepting queries for publication. "We are overwhelmed. I need to take care of immediate business before I go looking for more," she said. "Marketing is big on our agenda this year."

Cowboy Up Finalists

Finalists in the Cowboy Up Short Story Contest will be announced this next week...probably Tuesday. Hopefully.

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