Friday, November 20, 2009

"Saving Tom Black" Review by Midwest Book Review

The following review was written and posted to Midwest Book Review by Shirley Johnson, Senior Reviewer:

It isn't often, but there are times when a book has three elements in it: grace, charm, and dignity. Such is the character of this book. Set mainly in the state of Arizona, the year 1888, our story takes a young girl, a black man, and a Sheriff and merges them in a story so full of depth, unleashed emotion, and incredible perception and fortitude of the human spirit that it will not easily be forgotten.

Times for the nation are hard, survival is the name of the game, especially for the DuBonnet family, mother and two daughters. This family, seeking help from a Children's Agency, is separated, mother and daughter sent off to be married in another state, leaving Elizabeth alone awaiting the uniting of her family.

Time passes and Elizabeth is herself being shipped off to be married, however, Elizabeth has a mind of her own and a spirit that is unquenchable. Stealing away in the night she be-gins a search for her mother and sister; a search that leads her to Prescott, Arizona, and her destiny.

On the way she meets Thomas Jefferson, a black man who befriends Elizabeth and becomes an impor-tant person in her life, and in so doing, finds the strength to live his own. She also meets the new Sheriff, Jake Silver, a man of honor and integrity, a man who is himself traveling toward his destiny. Their lives are deeply interwoven in a way neither deemed possible as each begins to battle the forces and obstacles before them that will ultimately unite them. What a ride!

As I began this read I was pulled immediately into the story so strongly that I thought about it and could not wait to get back to the read. The character description was exceptional; their emotions, their moral fiber, their very essence, screams at you from the pages of this book. Locales were vivid, whether it was the massive countryside, the quaint Inn, or the barren land, your visual was clear and crisp. The storyline was top-notch with characters that were colorful, cruel, loving, hesitant, and dan-gerous, and this story even included the charm of enjoying the personality of several animals. That was a great touch.

Books leave the reader with many emotions; their words take us on a journey and impart within us a presence, if you will, part of the very soul of the writer. There are some books that I, as a reviewer, almost wish I had not read, still others I will never forget; such is the case with this wonderful book.

Saving Tom Black is a story that is pure, yet exciting; tender, yet brimming with danger, sad, yet joyous. It is one that will cascade you with emotions, and at the end leave you satisfied and smiling. This is one book I would be proud to keep in my personal library and recommend to young and old. This is a writer that knows how to get into your very heart with a true treasure of a read. Well done! Thank you.

Shirley Johnson/Senior Reviewer
MidWest Book Review

Saving Tom Black
Jere D. James

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