Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Saving Tom Black" Entered in Spur Awards

Moonlight Mesa Associates, Inc. has entered its first publication in the 2009 Annual Spur Awards Contest! "We're very proud of Saving Tom Black. All of us worked VERY hard to get it into print. From our brilliant cover designer, Vin Libassi, to our super brilliant editor, Paula Silici, and to so many others, we're pleased to share this excitement about Saving Tom Black with them. Every person deserves the credit," said publisher Becky Coffield.

The publisher also entered "Where Eagles Fly and Wolves Sing" into this year's Spur Awards, a poem from Stoney Greywolf Bowers' Reflections from the Wilderness collection.

In a surprise announcement yesterday, however, the publisher also announced that the company will produce only three books in 2010, not four as scheduled. Which book will be eliminated from production has not been announced, but the publisher has made it clear that those books currently in the production process (Jere D. James' Apache and JR Sanders' The Littlest Wrangler) will be published. The reason for the cutback lies in the marketing department...the lack of one, specifically.

"I need to spend much more time in marketing. There's just no point in publishing books if I can't get better marketing launched," Coffield said. "I can't keep running all over the countryside doing book events/craft fairs/gun shows/festivals, and the like. We have got to spend some time formulating a more efficient program. Until I get one firmly launched, I'm cutting publications to two to three, maximum, a year. End of discussion."

The other two books under consideration for 2010 were Bowers' Native American Reflections and R.L. Coffield's Murder in Thomas Bay, which has awaited publication for more than three years now. Whichever book is eliminated in 2010 will probably be placed on the 2011 calendar, making the 2011 calendar uncertain. "If we can get our marketing program underway, we'll do them all, otherwise...who knows."

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