Monday, November 9, 2009

Festivals, Publisher Award, Sales, and Events

Despite a small turn out, Moonlight Mesa Associates still managed to sell books at the Mesa Old West Days Festival. "I really think the state of the economy had a lot to do with the low turnout and the mediocre sales. We sold only 1/2 of what I'd planned," said publisher Becky Coffield.

A main attraction at the festival, Moonlight Mesa's cowboy poet, Stoney Greywolf Bowers, saw plenty of stage time for his readings. Only one other poet showed up to share his work, so Stoney pretty much got all the time and attention when it came to poetry readings. His book, Reflections from the Wilderness, was a hit with many.

Jere D. James' Saving Tom Black was the number one seller at the festival, but it was not a runaway as the publisher expected. "I'm quickly learning that this book sells extremely well in venues that are not "big city" venues," Coffield said. "We sold scads of copies at Pine/Strawberry Festivals when we were test-marketing the book, but the city folk just don't seem to appreciate a good Western tale as much." Nevertheless, Saving Tom Black did take top honors, followed closely by Death in the Desert and Northern Escape.

In other Moonlight Mesa news, publisher Becky Coffield's short story, "The Taming of Jump Off Joe", was a winner in the 2009 Arizona Authors Literary Contest, and the publisher/author picked up her award at Saturday night's banquet. This is the third time Coffield's work has won an award with Arizona Authors.

Saving Tom Black has been submitted to the Spur Awards contest, as has one of Stoney Bowers' poems, "Where Eagles Fly and Wolves Sing." Since Coffield's short story was published in the Arizona Literary Magazine, it also will be entered in the contest.

Coffield has made her final selections for the 2010/11 publishing calendars:

1. JR Sanders. The Littlest Wrangler. March 2010
2. Jere D. James. Apache. March 2010
3. Stoney Greywolf Bowers. Native American Reflections. June 2010
4. R.L. Coffield. Murder in Thomas Bay. November 2010.

1. Jere D. James. Canyon of Death. March 2011
2. Paula Silici. The Giving Season. June 2011
3. Rusty Richards. Biography of Casey Tibbs. November 2011
4. ???

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