Monday, November 23, 2009

"Apache" Still on Early Schedule

Jere D. James' outstanding second novel, Apache, a sequel to Saving Tom Black, is still on schedule for an early release, according to Moonlight Mesa Associates publisher, Becky Coffield.

"We can positively call this novel outstanding now that Midwest Book Reviewer Shirley Johnson has given the book an excellent, five star rating. What thrilled us just as much were the words of praise she gave for the talent of Jere D. James, saying that the author '...has a talent I have not seen in a very long time.' Wow!"

Saving Tom Black has had strong sales in MOST venues. "There's definitely an audience for this's not Scottsdale," the publisher commented, referring to the Scottsdale Artfest. "Well, live and learn. I know I won't rush back," Coffield said. "We have high hopes, however, for Safford's Cowboy Christmas celebration. Then, I do think the Phoenix gun show will give us good results too."

In other Moonlight Mesa news, JR Sanders' The Littlest Wrangler is moving along nicely. According to Coffield, Vin Libassi, illustrator for the young reader book, is "...really hitting his stride with this publication. This is a most difficult assignment, and Vin has produced illustrations that are outstanding given the Western demands of the book. I think this may be the best 'young reader' Western I've ever seen. It's going to be perfect from the first word to the last, and the illustrations are exactly right," Coffield said. "They're not cartoonish or childish. These are exceptionally nice drawings. The book will be perfect for ages 5 to 105!"

Stoney Bowers will be ramping up his sales by doing lots of upcoming poetry readings. "Only the poet can sell a poetry book, and Stoney is a salesman extraordinaire! I get chased out of Barnes and Noble when I approach them - he gets received with open arms. Go figure!"

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