Sunday, October 25, 2009

Publisher Walks Out on Event

Yesterday I did something I NEVER do...well, rarely do anyway. I left an event. (See those red boots? They were made for walking!)

Anybody who does events to sell books, knows that some of these events are sure better than others, but as long as books are leaving the booth a person generally can stand lackluster sales now and then.

Yesterday, I abandoned the event for which I'd signed up to be in attendance for two days, violating one of the sacred principles of eventdom: Never leave early and leave your sponsor short. Well, guess what? The sponsor needs to do some advertising and promoting for the event, not just collect vendor fees.

Selling books is a learning learn where time and energy is best invested for the maximum return. This year, Moonlight Mesa has participated in a number of very successful events, allowing us to hire our first ever sales representative to call upon independent booksellers. Granted, the guy is "retired" who's willing to work on a commission, still, he'll be distinctive when he roars up on his Harley. Book sellers will easily remember him!!

He makes his first calls this week, so we'll see if this is money well spent or not!

Meanwhile, JR Sanders, author of The Littlest Wrangler, has received his first book blurb from none other than Nancy Plain, Spur Award winning author of Sagebrush and Paintbrush: the Story of Charlie russell, the Cowboy Artist.

Work is proceeding on Sanders' book, and Jere D. James' Apache, as we're determined to have both in hand by March 1...We're elated that Shirley Johnson from Midwest Book Review wants to review James' second Jake Silver Adventure!!

We'll begin work on Stoney Bowers' Native American Reflections just as soon as layout is completed on Jere D. James' and Sanders' books...that could be as early as February. I'd like to at least have pre-publication copies of Stoney's book in print by June. That's tight given the spring schedule, but a "man's gotta do what a man's gotta do...and so does a woman." My favorite saying sometimes.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we'll be attending the Amigos del Hospital Ride this next weekend, then FINALLY, we get to go to the Mesa Old West Days Festival where Stoney Bowers' Reflections from the Wilderness and Jere D. James' Saving Tom Black OFFICIALLY DEBUT!!

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