Thursday, October 15, 2009

Publisher Moves Forward on New Projects

Despite a few setbacks this week, Moonlight Mesa Associates publisher Becky Coffield, is proceeding with two current projects: Apache by Jere D. James and The Littlest Wrangler, by JR Sanders.

Layout work on Sanders' book has begun, while the search for an illustrator for the book draws to a close. "I'm just about ready to make a decision," Coffield said. Hopefully within the next two weeks I'll know who will get this project. This may seem a small project, but it's going to be hugely successful. It will give any illustrator a lot of exposure."

Meanwhile, Apache is still with editor Paula Silici. Vin Libassi and staff are putting the finishing touches on the book cover. The question is, will Jere D. James have the first chapter of Canyon of Death , the third Jake Silver Adventure, done in time to append it to the end of Apache? "I think he'll come through," the publisher said. "He's living somewhere out of his horse trailer right now, recovering from writing two books in one year. But he'll come through. Just gotta feeling."

Coffield has moved the publication date of Apache up by several months, and also plans to have The Littlest Wrangler ready at the same time.

Coffield also hopes to have Murder in Thomas Bay, the missing second book in the Ben Thomas Trilogy in print by late 2010. The final 2010 project is still being chosen. There are two excellent candidates, according to the publisher.

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