Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Death in the Desert" Steals the Gun Show

R.L. Coffield's brutal, controversial Death in the Desert obviously appeals to gun afficionados. The book far outsold Saving Tom Black and Northern Escape this weekend at the Wickenburg gun show.

"I totally expected Saving Tom Black to outsell the other's Western...guns...but Death in the Desert easily won out," said the publisher.

Death in the Desert is a novel of revenge and reconciliation. The main plot involves the flow of Middle-Eastern Terrorists into the United States by crossing the Arizona/Mexican border, along with the flood of drugs. Many people assume the book is anti-immigration, which is not true. In fact, one of the heroines in the book is a young Mexican prostitute (recently purchased by an ex-DEA agent) who gets dumped in the desert along with her infant children when INS vehicles are seen in the area.

For whatever reason, the government has really not exposed the facts about the number of terrorists that are entering this country over the porous Southern border. This book, highly researched, does so. Despite the story itself being fictitious, the facts in the book are verifiable. Names of the guilty were protect the author.

Death in the Desert is highly timely, both politically and socially. It's been a consistently good seller for Moonlight Mesa. The book is a sequel to Moonlight Mesa's number one seller, Northern Escape. It's actually the third book in the Ben Thomas trilogy...the second book will be issued, at long last, sometime in 2010.

One Pot Galley Gourmet and Life Was A Cabaret also had very respectable sales.

In other Moonlight Mesa news, Vin Libassi has been chosen to be the illustrator for JR Sanders' The Littles Wrangler. Libassi is a long time cover designer for Moonlight Mesa and had a competitive bid. "I know I can depend on Vin entirely," said the publisher. "We've worked together long enough that we don't get all bogged down in technical/legal issues. Vin and his staff are great. I love working with him," the publisher said.

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