Monday, October 12, 2009

"Apache" Will be Issued Early for Events

Jere D. James' second Jake Silver Adventure, Apache, will be published months earlier than planned because of Moonlight Mesa Associates' publisher, Becky Coffield, deciding to participate in the Festival of the West, held in Scottsdale, AZ. in mid-March.

"We have to have that book ready," Coffield said. "We can't go with only Saving Tom Black and Stoney Greywolf Bowers' Reflections from the Wilderness."

"Vin Libassi has given us a great cover, and editor Paula Silci is doing the edit. We may not have the reviews we need due to our rush, but we'll get some. It just means we have to upload content and cover again later. It costs extra money, but it'll be worth it."

A new and unexpected development is the publisher's acute interest in JR Sanders' The Littlest Wrangler. "We were searching for a young reader book, and this is it. It fits us perfectly," said Coffield. "I'm certain we can have it in hand by March 1. We'll at least have the book available in a trade paperback, but I'm going to look for a hardbound printer. The book is too short to print hardbound with Lightning Source. That's okay. We'll find someone. I have no doubt. We're going to need a distributor for the hardbound edition also."

In further news, Coffield has announced that the company's 2010 publishing calendar is now filled and closed, as is 2011 if The Giving Season is ready.

"We hope JR Sanders will have another title for us by then also," Coffield said. "We didn't offer a multi-book proposal, but we would if he expressed an interest in that. Since we don't pay an advance, however, it might seem pointless to him. Picking up another Sanders' book will put us over our limit, but we'd do it anyway. Not a problem."

Jere D. James has also made it adamantly official he'll be staying with Moonlight Mesa...if he continues to write. See his latest blog for details.

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