Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Apache" Comes to Life Because of the Work of Many

A great support network just makes things happen. I could not be luckier when it comes to the people who help bring my publications to life. Seriously, these people are essential to the success of the books that I publish.

Take Vin Libassi, my cover designer/illustrator. Vin has done a number of Moonlight Mesa's covers, starting with the award-winning Northern Escape, to the controversial Death in the Desert, our first Western, Saving Tom Black, Stoney's memorable Reflections from the Wilderness and now Apache. Vin's covers SELL BOOKS. Need a cover designer? Contact Vin at

Need a dynamite editor? Paula Silici is a task-master and hands down the best editor we've ever used. Despite my studiously pouring over manuscripts before I send them on, Paula's eye misses NOTHING. Her touches polish manuscripts making them truly professional! Need an editor? Try Paula at

Then there's my blogger dude...although he's on strike right now, I know he'll be back. I mean, what the heck! $5 a blog is as good as it gets, right?

Although Marshall Trimble (Arizona's Official State Historian) found a few errors (which we corrected) in Saving Tom Black when he read the book to give us an endorsement, I have to thank Tom Coffield for his time spent verifying, researching and verifying again all the references that appear in our Western books. Whether the book is fiction or nonfiction, we strive to make sure things are accurate!

And that includes the folks at True West Historical Site! These people know their Western history, and I can't begin to tell you how many times I've found an answer to something from these knowledgeable people!

But, wait! There's more! Heather at Lightning Source, my printing company, is fantastic and SO PATIENT with me that it's unbelievable! The service from this company is outstanding. And while I sometimes feel like the village idiot with my questions, I'm never treated like one there!

There are people who continuously offer me moral support, like Tom McDannold, a former professor who gives sound advice and encouragement on a regular basis.

And finally, Stoney Greywolf Bowers, my first cowboy poet, has taught me what it means to "Ride for the Brand." Quite frequently he tells me I need to "loosen the cinch," and I do want to strangle him when he says this, but darn it! It makes me laugh too hard no matter how riled up I've gotten. The nerve of that guy!!

Everyone of these people is coming together again to help produce Jere D. James' second outstanding novel, Apache. Vin has produced what may well be the cover; Paula's working her magic pencil over the errors; Tom Coffield is busy checking facts; blogger dude'll do something meaningful soon, I'm certain, and everyone else is cheering the project on!

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