Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Western Fiction Review Lauds "Saving Tom Black"

All of us here at Moonlight Mesa Associates, Inc. are extremely thrilled with the great review Saving Tom Black received from Western Fiction Review (

I feel that everyone shares in the honors this book is receiving. Editor Paula Silici did an outstanding job with the book, catching many errors and making technical corrections that a great editor sees -- errors that mar the flow of a book. I thought Jere would pass out when he saw his manuscript after she'd taken her pencil to it. He agreed, however, that the corrections improved the manuscript tremendously.

Vin Libassi and his entire staff worked very hard to capture the essence of the book with the cover. This was a tough cover to design given the subject of the book. We're very pleased with Vin's work and we've had nothing but compliments on it.

Saving Tom Black has also received glowing reviews from MidWest Book Review, Official Historian of Arizona Marshall Trimble, and Hollywood screenwriter and Western author Steve Hayes. Magazine reviews have not come in yet, but we are expecting some.

The book "officially" comes out in late October and will "debut" at Mesa's Old West Days Festival in Mesa, Arizona November 7th. Pre-publication copies are available from the publisher at Ingram will be distributing the book once it is officially released.

As the publisher of this excellent book, I'm thrilled that it has been so well received. I always thought this book was outstanding, and it looks like a lot of reviewers agree!

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