Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Publisher Wins...WRITING AWARD!

My oldest son, the "Blogger Dude," is taking a heavy load this term in school and doesn't think the $5 I pay per blog is worth the time it takes for him to dash them off. I think he's holding out for more money, myself! Anyway, we'll be sharing the blogging duties for a bit.

Okay, I can hardly contain myself, so I might as well get it out! I received notice this weekend that a short story I wrote (a modern western) won in the Arizona Authors Literary Contest!!!!! I'm totally shocked, and thrilled, to be honest. This is the second short story I've written that's received recognition from them. Short story writing is NOT my forte either. The story's entitled "The Taming of Jump-Off Joe." It's a story based on a story a drunken cowboy told me. I wonder if I have to share my prize money with him??

I am disappointed, however, that Death in the Desert did not make the finals...at least I don't think it did.

As for Jere James' Apache...Jere locked himself in my office all day Saturday after I told him Apache was too short. He left a chapter on my desk at 4:00 that evening - and it may be the best chapter in the book, to be honest. We're doing one LAST edit in-house of Apache and then will be sending it to our editor-in-chief, Paula Silici, at month's end or thereabouts. Cover design by Vin Libassi will start around that time also. I'm scheduling a June/July release, with ARCs available maybe as early as March...probably more like April.

Stoney Bowers says he'll have his native American poetry pieces in by January, so perhaps we'll have a June release on Native American Reflections also.

Talking with the author of The Giving Season this week.


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  1. Congrats on the story, Becky. When and where do we get to read it?