Monday, September 28, 2009

"Murder in Thomas Bay" Will Finally See Print

After almost four years of procrastination, Moonlight Mesa Associates publisher, Becky Coffield, has consented to publish the missing book in the Ben Thomas Trilogy. Book 2, Murder in Thomas Bay, was originally rejected because of its graphic violence and sex. For reasons the publisher has not elaborated on, she has decided to bring the book to print.

"The book will have to be sold with a warning label, pretty much like Death in the Desert," the publisher/author said. "I warn everyone that Death in the Desert is rated R because of its brutality. Murder in Thomas Bay will be rated R for its violence and sex. Perhaps some of it can be toned down through careful editing."

Early readers of the manuscript fully endorsed the project several years ago, but Coffield has been reluctant to go through with the book. Board members give the project two thumbs up, however. Look for the book very late in 2010/early 2011.

In other news, Coffield has become very interested in a "young reader" Western project. Hopefully a decision on the book can be made by the first of the year. "If we decide on doing this book, I'd like to see it in print in late 2010, but that will really depend on the illustrator. Hopefully Vin Libassi will do the illustrations. Our calendar for next year has been changed several times. All I know for certain is that Jere James' Apache, the sequel to Saving Tom Black, is on board for a 2010 publication, as is Murder in Thomas Bay now. Possibly Stoney Bowers' Native American Reflections may also be included. There are three other possible titles we're also considering."

The company will be closing for a month in July to go on a marketing tour of New Mexico. "Bad for publications. Good for sales," the publisher commented.

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