Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jere D. James' "Apache" Goes to Final Edit

After four in-house edits of Apache, Moonlight Mesa Associates publisher Becky Coffield is sending Jere D. James' second Jake Silver Adventure to the company's editor-in-chief for the final round of editing.

"Jere's already sick of making are we," said Coffield. "We will not put out anything, however, that is not absolutely professionally written. Good writing requires excellent editing. No two ways about it. Any time a writer tells me his work doesn't require editing, I have serious doubts."

Apache is the second Jake Silver Adventure written by James. The author originally agreed to do three books for Moonlight Mesa Associates. Whether he does more has not yet been determined. Apache is scheduled for release in June of 2010. Coffield hopes to release the final book in the three-book series in 2011. Will there be more Jake Silver Adventures after these three? Possibly.

In other news, the meeting between Stoney Greywolf Bowers, Jere James, and Moonlight Mesa publisher scheduled for 9/21 has been temporarily postponed due to a death in Stoney's family. The meeting will most likely happen some time the following week.

Moonlight Mesa has tentatively, but enthusiastically, given P. Silici the go-ahead for her Western Romance, The Giving Season. Silici agreed to submit the final draft of the book by 2011. Final decisions will be made then. "I think this is a fantastic story," Coffield said. "I see no problems."

The final edition of Saving Tom Black will be submitted to the printer very shortly. "Only a very, very few changes were made for the final publication," said Coffield. "We changed a few words is all, based on Marshall Trimble's input. We changed 'wrangler' to 'drover'; we changed the main character's job description from 'territorial marshal' to 'U.S. Deputy Marshal'; that's about it. The cover will have a blurb added submitted by Arizona's Official State Historian - so that will be different. We'll still be selling the pre-publication copies until they're gone...we have only 42 left. These are being offered at a 25% discount. Interested? Contact us."

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