Friday, September 11, 2009

Edited "Apache" is Now too Short!

After three intense editings, Moonlight Mesa publisher, Becky Coffield, says Jere D. James' second novel, Apache, is now too short. "I'd like to see another four or five thousand words here. This is a fabulous Western as it is, but I want to give people their money's worth. I think it's too short," the publisher said on Friday.

The plan was to send Apache to Paula Silici, Moonlight Mesa's editor-in-chief next week. It now appears that the book won't be ready until late September. "That's okay. We have plenty of time still to make a June deadline. We won't make April, but really, it's not a problem," Coffield said. "The important thing is to get ARCs out as soon as possible. That's the real challenge. We can change the publication date if needed."

James was disappointed, but agreeable to either adding a chapter, or at least developing several of the shorter chapters. His only comment was, "Bummer."

In other Moonlight Mesa news, cowboy poet Stoney Greywolf Bowers is selling pre-publication copies of his Reflections from the Wilderness like pancakes. "Stoney's completely irresistible," Coffield said. "Who could possibly turn him down?"

Bowers and Coffield have changed their September meeting from the 17th to the 21st. Jere James will also be present. "We're having the pitcher-of-margaritas-and-nachos meeting," Coffield said. The trio will be discussing joint appearances, reviews, deadlines, future projects, websites, internet marekting,etc.

Moonlight Mesa would like to look at manuscripts written for the eight to twelve year old audience. "We'll just have to wait until the right one comes along. It will eventually," she said. "There's no rush. With Apache, Stoney's forthcoming Native American Reflections, and The Giving Tree, we'll be busy enough. We'd planned on one other project, but I think that's not going to happen now. We'll be on a marketing tour next summer anyway. We'll get James' and Stoney's new titles out, then wait until fall for The Giving Tree. Still, I'm on the lookout for a Western for young readers."

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