Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Changes Made to "Saving Tom Black"

Just when we think everything is ready to go, there's always a snafu to be dealt with!

Saving Tom Black, Jere D. James' gripping Western, is undergoing minor, corrective surgery after Arizona Historian, Marshall Trimble read the novel and found a few small errors. Fortunately the errors were easy to correct, but still the fact remains that flawed ARCs were sent to reviewers. "I just hope that not everyone is as astute or attentive as Marshall Trimble," the publisher commented.

Trimbles' endorsement of the book will be added to the back of the book, changing the cover a bit.

Due to a large gap in the fall calendar, Coffield is proceeding with James' second book, Apache, and is looking to pick up The Giving Season, a Western Romance by Paula Silici.

After one more in-house edit, Apache will be sent to the company's editor-in-chief.

Coffield is also looking for a Western aimed at the "young adult" audience. "I'm thinking ages eight to twelve," she said.

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