Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jere D. James Wraps up Apache

According to publisher Becky Coffield at Moonlight Mesa Associates, Inc. author Jere D. James has submitted his first draft of Apache, a sequel to Saving Tom Black, both a Jake Silver Adventure.

Coffield will be reviewing the work over the next week. If accepted, James will present a re-write which will then be edited by Paula Silici of

James' first novel with Moonlight Mesa, Saving Tom Black, will be forthcoming November 1st, although the publisher hopes to have pre-publication copies available for distribution as ARCs and to test the market. If accepted, Apache will most likely be available in April.

Moonlight Mesa Associates signed Jere D. James to a three book contract earlier in 2009. What will transpire once three books are delivered and accepted is anyone's guess at this point. According to Coffield, "Jere writes fantastic stories. I'd like to see him be with a publishing house that has greater distribution potential. I know that sounds very strange coming from a publisher, but honestly I've always just wanted the best for my authors. Anyone who bothers to read our webpages should know that. I'd love to have Jere write some more for Moonlight Mesa, but we'll see what happens when the time comes."

In other news, it appears as though author Rusty Richards will not be accepting Moonlight Mesa's offer to publish his book on Casey Tibbs. "There were changes that simply had to be made, and I suspected Rusty would not want to do those. I understand completely. I'm sorry to lose the project, but Rusty's gotta do what he's gotta do, and so do I, and that included some heavy editing. It's a wonderful project, and overall I loved the book and the idea behind the book."

Moonlight Mesa has opened for queries from prospective authors once again after rejecting two projects outright. "People need to learn that the western should not be pornographic or lewd. Well, I guess it could be, but it's not a good idea..."

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