Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Strong Orders on Death in the Desert

Moonlight Mesa Associates publisher, Becky Coffield, says that direct publisher orders for the controversial Death in the Desert remain strong.

"We just ordered 180 more copies to fill orders," Coffield said. "Not all copies are spoken for, but we need some in reserve for the fair we'll be attending in Snowflake, Arizona, later this month."

Although the book is available from, many people are ordering from the publisher to obtain a signed book. "The author's very busy signing," Coffield said.

"We're also anxious to see how Death in the Desert might have fared in the Arizona Author's contest. It did very poorly in the Glyph awards, largely due to the cover design used at the time, plus there was an error by the printer (Lulu at that time) that went undetected. We now use Lightning Source for printing, and I think those kinds of errors will be few and far between, if there at all. We were extremely disappointed, let's just leave it at that."

In other news, the publisher plans on making Life Was a Cabaret available on Kindle sometime this summer, along with Northern Escape. "Both books have been in print long enough I think it's time we looked at other markets," Coffield said when asked about this reverse in policy regarding ebooks and readers of that type. New titles will NOT be available on Kindle for at least a year.

In other news, the publisher will be meeting again with cowboy poet Stoney Greywolf Bowers in Las Vegas in July. The exact date and location has yet to be determined.

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