Sunday, July 19, 2009

One Pot Galley Gourmet and Death in the Desert Tie in Sales

Moonlight Mesa Associates' One Pot Galley Gourmet and Death in the Desert tied for most books sold at this year's Pioneer Days Event in Snowflake, Arizona.

It's not uncommon for Death in the Desert to place first in sales at these events in Arizona, while One Pot Galley Gourmet sells well at boat shows and marinas. This is a first that the book nearly sold out at an Arizona festival. "We came back with only three books remaining. In fact, the third edition has only three books left in our warehouse. We won't be ordering more from the printer, but will revert to selling off the second edition instead," said publisher Becky Coffield. "There are only six copies still available on Amazon. Unless we get a large, I mean large, order, we probably won' reprint this book."

"The festival was a bit disappointing. Vendors were told there'd be 10,000 people attending...there were at best 2,000. Most vendors indicated they would not return."

Moonlight Mesa Associates will next be attending a festival in Sedona, August 15th and 16th.

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