Monday, April 13, 2009

Terrorists, Narcotics at Heart of Death in the Desert

Death in the Desert (Moonlight Mesa Associates, 2008) a violent, brutal suspense novel set in the scorching Sonoran Desert of Arizona, goes beyond the typical who-dunnit of crime novels.

Far beyond answering several issues posed in R.L. Coffield's first Ben Thomas novel, Northern Escape, the author's second work bristles with revenge and bloody havoc as Detective Ben Thomas is both helped and hindered in his investigation by the noble but flawed Arizona Marshal Jake Starr.

Terrorists Cross Arizona/Mexican Border

That actual terrorists are entrenched in Mexico is a little known, but well documented fact. Groups of terrorists from mid-Eastern countries have infiltrated the United States by way of the Arizona/Mexican border. It is unknown the exact number of terrorists that have gained access to this country, but the number is reported to be well into the thousands.

Death in the Desert advances the premise that the United States will be brought down due to the moral decay of the nation from the river of narcotics that flow into the country and are greedily gobbled by a weak, drug-addicted society. Ultimately, between the narcotics, the illegal immigrants and the flow of terrorists into the country, a foreign flag will wave at the White House without a shot ever having been fired.

The author further postulates that the current drug cartels are, in fact, sponsored and financed by Arab terrorist groups.

The premise of the book is quite sobering when one remembers that within a few decades the United States will be a minority-majority based population.

Death in the Desert is distributed by Ingram and is available at all book seller locations as well as and

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